Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week In the Life || Wenesday

 Here my Wednesday Week in the Life.  Joining Ali Edwards for documenting this week in 2016.  

Slept In a Bit this Morning - Up At 6:45 - Straightened Up the House - Business Paperwork - Doctor's Appointment for My Baby - Nap - Enjoying a Quiet House - Kids Home From School - Screen Time - My Girl Is Watching Once Upon a Time - Chores, Homework, and Music Practice - Sausage and Leek Fettucinne - Reading Harry Potter with My Boy

Week In the Life 2016 || Tuesday

Here my Tuesday Week in the Life.  Joining Ali Edwards for documenting this week in 2016.  


Woke Up With the Sun - Littlest Up Early - Snuggles in Bed - Enjoying the View - Kids Up - Morning Routine - Errands and Trip to Target - Preschool - Business Work - Working on Bookshelves Upstairs - Afternoon Nap - Enjoying a New Treat Found - Kids Home From School - Piano Lessons - Pork Roast For Dinner - Playing Outside With Blankets and Stuffed Animals - Warm Spring Days That Feel Like Summer - Washing Dishes by Hand - Sandals On - Reading Harry Potter With My Oldest - Steve Working Late Again 

Week In the Life 2016 || Monday

Joining Ali Edwards in documenting this week in May.  Love this way of memory keeping, a snapshot of our week right now.

This week has been a low key week, just school, work, and home, with a few extra activities weaved in.  These last couple of months have been low key for our family, an intentional decision after moving into our new home.


Wake Up - Morning Walk with Clover Fields - Kids Up and Getting Ready - Me Making Sandwiches - Kids Packing Lunch and Making Breakfast - Scripture Reading - Drove Kids to School - Salmon For Breakfast -  Straighten Up House - Organize Bookshelves - Listening to Emma - Snack and Break in Bed - Beckett Locked Office Door - Unable to do Business Work with Door Locked - Kids Home from School - Karter Bringing in Garbage Can - Planting Garden Together - Spaghetti for Dinner - Steve Home Late from the Gorge - Reading Harry Potter before Bed - Watching the Good Wife Season Finally Before Bed

Monday, March 21, 2016

Welcome to the Farmhouse

We would like to officially welcome you to our new farmhouse.

Here are some before shots.  (These pictures really don't do it justice.  It was so much worse then it looks.)


 Some in progress shots.

  And some after shots.


It has been a wild ride.  We are finally settling into our new place.  Thought I would just share some photos with you today.  We did a lot of work on this place, we are calling this first period of work stage one.  Basically stage one is just making it livable.  Later this summer we will start stage 2 and make it pretty and upgrade a few things.

We ripped out all the old carpet and cleaned out all the garbage, painted the subfloors with kilz, repaired the water damage and dry rot around the two sets of french doors upstairs and the main floor bath.  We repaired all the sheet rock (so many holes to fill in and texture), replaced a bunch trim, and painted all the walls.  Through all of this we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

We moved in a few weeks ago and are still working on making it livable.  We have some broken windows to replace, some appliances to swap out, and some drains to change.  We have also been doing a lot of work in the yard.

I can't tell you how happy we are to be here.  It was a long road to finally call this place our own.  We are pinching ourselves each day to wake up to views of Mount Hood and are dreaming of all that we have planned for this farmhouse and this 10 1/2 acres we now call our own.

Now I'm off to rake the yard with the family, getting it ready for grass seed.  The lists of to dos never end around here but we are taking it one thing at a time and enjoying the process day by day.