Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 16 Ornament Tree

This is a fun piece a purchased at Kohl's a few years ago.  Basically the idea is that this is a piece that I can add ornaments to throughout the year. I think it is so fun to have something in your home that changes with the seasons.  If you can't find a fun tree, you could make one of your own by collecting branches and added them to a vase or pitcher.

It is decorated now for fall, one of my favorite times of year.  Some handmade paper ornaments, witch's hats, twiggy balls, and orange "boo" ornaments makes for a fun and festive tree.

Do you have an item in your home that changes with the seasons?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 15 Old Windows

I love decorating with things that have a story, with thrifted items, with chippy, pealy painted pieces. Old windows fit the bill.  They are fun and unique, old and worn, a bit quirky.  I have a couple of old windows in our home right now.  I have seen people do such fun things with old windows, but I just kept it simple.  I clean them up, add hardware to the back, and hang them on the wall.  I added a lovely wreath to both, you know I adore wreaths.  So fun to have these in our home, they definitely fit my style.

Do you have anything old, fun, and a bit quirky in your home?

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 14 On Matching

Today lets talk about purchasing or making matching items and sprinkling them throughout the rooms in your home to bring a cohesive feel to your home.  We talked about color and how choosing a few paint colors and repeating them throughout your home can connect rooms and add an element of a general overall style to your home.  Lets talk about matching items today.

I'm one who when I find a cute shirt I will buy it in two or three different colors.  If I love it, I know I will wear it and like it in other colors as well.  I've done the same with items in my home.  This last year I found some signs that I absolutely fell in love with.  I had some money leftover from some furniture purchases I made earlier that year, and used it to splurge on three of these large signs.  You might think three large signs in someones home is too much, but I love that they repeat themselves throughout my home.  I have one in the basement, one in our great room, and one in our master.  Love.

I have also repeated random items throughout our home.  I have 6 of the ikea cubed bookshelves, for functionality and for looks.  I've already shared my use of repeating books, photos, wreaths, and garlands throughout my home.  I repeat white frames, lamps, woven baskets, globes, and mason jars.

Have you ever bought matching items to decorate in your home?  Did you like the result?

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Book Report | October 2014

"What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it." 
— The Catcher in the Rye

I didn't read much this month.  With the autumn weather I have been wanting to create more, keeping my hands busy with knitting and cross stitching projects, as I've watch a couple new to me BBC series.  It has been a wonderful way to spend a bit of time in the evenings, but I'm feeling a pull back into reading, so watch out November, lots of books to finish up.

Here are the books I did get a chance to read.

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

Loved, loved, loved it!  One of my favorite reads from 2014!  It pulls you in.  You believe your starting with one mystery and it pulls you through many more.  I absolutely love Kate Morton's style of writing!  This was my 3rd novel of hers read this year.  

War Brides by Helen Bryan

I'm close to finishing this one.  Another WWII story, of a group of young wives and what they experienced during this time.  I'm enjoying the story.  I would have finished this one, but I had to send it back to the library.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

I'll finish this next and soon.  It is gripping, intense.  Another WWII book about  a women who is captured and interrogated by the Nazis.

Messenger by Lois Lowry

This is next on the list.  We just went and saw The Giver.  Jakob had read it for school and we both were excited to see the movie.

Deliberate Motherhood by the Power of Moms

I'm reading this for a Book Group and really enjoying it.  So much information, encouragement, and practical ideas for mothers.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 13 Thrifted Items

I love thrifted items.  Like handmade items, I think they tell a story, and add charm and character to your home.  I have thrifted many items throughout the years.  I'm proud of my thrift store finds and love to tell people that I found this or that thrifting.  I also like to obnoxiously tell people how much I paid for said thrifted item.  I'm trying to break that habit, but I love getting a good deal.  I used to shop a lot of garage sells when we were first married and money was tight.  I had people ask me all the time if this or that was found at a garage sell.  My family and friends know me.  Below are just a few of my thrift store finds.

A thrifted globe. 

A thrifted chair, I think it was $5, old habits are hard to break.

The apple is a thrift store find.  I think it looks very Pottery Barnish.  Also, the vintage Pooh book is thrifted and the bookcase was not thrifted but found by husband, chippy red (not in a good way), and covered with dirt.

The yellow velvet chair was thrifted.  Love the color.

One of these gold frames in our master room was thrifted, not sure which one, shows that you can't tell the difference.

This little vase was thrifted.  It is a nice solid glass, love it.

This little hanging baskety thing was thrifted.  It was green, I painted it white.  Are you surprised?

All of these globes are thrifted.  I looked long and hard for these.  

I thrifted these awhile ago.  Love the color combination.

These books are a recently thrifted items.  

This brass metal tray was thrifted.  It sits on my small desk in the kitchen to collect all the papers that come into our home each day.

My newest thrifted items.  I love them just the way they are, but some paint may or may not be in their future.
Do you like adding thrifted items to your home?  What is your favorite thrifted find?

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 12 Using What You Love

We talked yesterday about using what you have to decorate your home.  Lets talk today about using what you love.  Basically the idea is to buy and decorate with things that you love.  Things that just make you happy.   I love mason jars, love them.  I've been decorating with them for years (also drinking and storing items in them) and I still love them.  I have painted them, searched for them at thrift and antique stores, and received them as gifts from my sweet Grandma.  They have been on mantel for the last couple years and I still love the look.  They make me happy.

The large blue jar in the middle is from my Grandma, the other blue jars were purchased from an antique stores, the white jars were painted with my SIL, and the clear jars were thrifted.

When shopping for items, I like to buy only when I really love an item.  I have purchased items that I like, items that are cute, and they work in my home, but its those things that I love that make me so happy.  If your not sure what you love, work to define your style, and write down all items that you love that fit said style.

A word to the wise.  I have heard that you should just shop and purchase what you love, and when you bring it home you will be able to make it work.  I agree and disagree with this idea.  I agree that if you purchase things that you love, you can usually make them work in your home, especially if most of those items reflect your style.  But if you have too many random, eclectic, disconnected items, in all sorts of colors and shades, that may or may not reflect your style, it could make it really hard to make these items work in your home.  One or two items in a room that step a bit outside the box add interest and character to a room.  A room full of these types of items can leave the room feeling disconnected, messy, and frustrated.

Choosing colors that you love can really help in making sure the item that you love at the store look good when you bring them home.  I love lots of colors, but I have my favorites, and colors that I know will look good in my home.  When I find an item I love, I'll choose it in the color that looks good in my home.  This helps connect this item you love with other items in your home.

What decorations do you love?  How have you used them in your home?

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Home Decorating Philosophy & Trends | Day 11 Using What You Have

So often when we think of decorating we think of going out and buying the latest trendy item or wishing we could just spend lots of money at Pottery Barn.  While I love to spend money on items to add to my home, I have also enjoyed using the items that I already own to pull together a room or a corner of my home.

It really can be a fun challenge to make yourself use what you have to get the look that you want. One thing I have done is to pull items from around my home and add them to the room that I am updating.  It freshens everything up, forces you to look at what you have in a new light, and saves you time and money.

In my daughter's room, I wanted to use what I had to create the look that I wanted.  The furniture, and bedding were things we had on hand.  We kept the walls the deep navy blue from when my older boys were in the room.  I had the triangle garlands left over from a birthday a few years ago.  I used fabric I had leftover from other projects to create the rag fabric garland and the fabric hoops.  Both super simple projects.

The hot air balloon was something I had purchased a few years ago and I made the pinwheels from paper I had.

All the frames we used in the room were ones that I had.  I didn't even paint any of them, just made the look very eclectic.  Both the "Is" I had purchased years ago.  We framed art, decorative paper, a photo, and an art print, all things we had.

I realize that in addition to reused items their are many handmade projects in this room, all simple to make, and I do like using handmade items, but I wanted to mention that I also have done this in other areas of my home without making anything.  Just gather items together. Something simple to try would be to gather all your favorite items, in the color and style that works with what you love, to your living room, making that room your showstopper.   Or you could also do this with your mantel or a bookcase, shelf, or hutch.

Here is the complete post where I shared my daughter's room and I also share about her gallery wall here.  

Do you enjoy using the items you already have to "update" the look of a room?  Have you had success with this?

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