Saturday, December 29, 2007

Baby #3

Yes, you read that right.
I'm officially announcing that we are expecting our 3rd baby this next summer!!

This may come as a surprise to some, but, yes, it was planned and we are very excited!! My due date is August 9th but I had my others three weeks early, so we will see how this goes! I'm about 8 weeks along and I've been dealing with morning sickness the last couple of weeks, very normal for me. I just have such a hard time doing anything when I feel like this. I keep reminding myself that it is so worth it to have these sweet babies come to us. Luckily I'm only sick til about 14 weeks. 6 more weeks, that sounds soooooo long at this point, but I will survive!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Pictures

We got a lot on video this year, but here are a few pictures.

Isabelle did not want to cooperate for most of the pictures. See my smiling boy in the background, so good to work with .
and After.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Tomorrow is Christmas Sunday and I'm so excited to dress my babies up for church. I absolutely love Isabelle's Christmas dress, its so festive!! I've had it in her closet this last month waiting for tomorrow. I also have hair clips, a bracelets, and her black tights and shoes. (So fun to have a girl!)
I got this sweater for Jakob from the Gap. Doesn't look as good as the dress in the photo, but it will look great on Jakob tomorrow! It wasn't the one I originally wanted, but I waited to see if they went on sale. When I went back they had gone on sale, but the sweater I wanted was gone! I did get this one for a great price and I actually am quite pleased!! Jakob's favorite color is green and he is very excited to wear it. Sometimes my shopping strategies do work out for the best, sometimes. Can't wait to see them all dressed up.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


As promised I'm posting pictures of the cousins together. I'm so sad that I didn't get any with Noah. They didn't make if over the last night, Aaron wasn't feeling well, and of course I saved pictures until the very end.

Jakob was so good with Michael Dunn and Michael seemed facinated with all of his older cousins. They all really played well together, just needed a couple reminders to share and be soft!!

Such a good one, so serious.

Christmas Cards

This stack of envelopes makes me so happy!
They will be going into the mailbox tomorrow and heading out to arrive at your doorsteps. HOPEFULLY they will make it before Christmas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Wonderful Visit

Sorry it has been so long!! We have been visiting with our family from Texas. Michael, Laurie, and Michael Dunn have been staying with us for the last week and I am totally enjoying their company. I took this opportunity to take a mini vacation from life, anything that I didn't absolutely have to do I put on hold. It has been so good to spend time with them and be together as a family. I appreciate them coming and driving so far to see us!! They are so wonderful, so fun to be with, and so good to hear all the happy things they are doing in their lives. I love watching the kids play together. Jakob, Isabelle, and Michael Dunn have played so well together. Jakob has been so sweet with him and Isabelle has been throughly entertained and she TRIES to be soft!! I have actually been quite impressed with how gentle she has been with him. We have also had Noah over with Melissa and Aaron and he has been thrown into the mix. So fun, all the Huish Grandbabies playing together. I will post more tomorrow and try to get some pictures up.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What A Day!

1 Sick Baby, 3 Trips to Safeway, and a Little 24

That was my day in a nutshell. Steve and Isabelle were sick all day yesterday with that stomach flu that has been going around. Isabelle just laid around and slept all day!! (So unlike my little busy girl.) I made three seperate trips to Safeway. I was getting ready for the young women activity last night and had to get some things for my sick people at home.

All in all, it was a pretty productive day!

Tuesday are always a little crazy with Young Womens, but Isabelle slept all day with her dad, I was able to get some things done while Jakob played quietly, and nobody was hungry for dinner so I just warmed up some chicken noodle soup. We also got 24 season 6 in the mail and we started watching that last night when I got home from Young Womens. We love that show and get a little into it when we have a whole season of DVDs at our disposal, but we were good last night and got to bed by 11:30pm.

This morning everyone woke up feeling better and I just pray Jakob and I don't get it. We just got over our colds and I really am feeling good. I need all the energy I have to get ready for Christmas in just a few weeks!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Isabelle and Steve reading together on the couch. They were so cute together, I had to take a picture, but once I pulled the camera out Isabelle was done reading. Wish I could have caught the moment on film. This is her favorite book right now. She has me read it over and over to her.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I've started decorating a bit. I'm taking it easy since I'm still getting over that cold. We got the tree up last Friday and I worked a little on our fireplace mantel today. I'm liking it so far. I'm planning to take this whole next week to decorate and my goal is to be finished by the end of it. Love the extra week we get when Thanksgiving falls a little bit early. Hopefully I will be done by December.

Life here has been busy and I'm just wanting to be caught up with the house. There always are so many things to do, but I love it when I feel I'm proactively on top of my home instead of reactively trying to catch up with all that needs to be done. We have been doing some rearranging/organizing these past couple weeks and I think that is what has put me behind. We moved Isabelle back into Jakob's room. We moved the office upstairs. Steve built a shelf in the garage for storage and we moved some items out of our basement storage room. We are hoping to clear that room out enough so the weight set is visible/usable. We have moved other furniture around to accomadate the room changes. It is great to get these things done but it is stressful. I can see all this organization that needs to be done and other household chores get put on the back burner and don't get done. Hopefully I can get caught up this week and be ready to enjoy Christmas.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Remember This???

To all my siblings out there. Enjoy!!!


Kids with pink eye, a sick mom, hard working dad, and always so much to do. Sorry I haven't written, life has been hectic and I haven't been feeling well. A bad combination. Just have a head cold but I hate being sick. I know that I am really sick when I have zero motivation to get anything done.

Monday morning Jakob woke up with one eye oozie (sp??), puffy, and sealed shut. I called the doctor and by the time she got back to me his eye was looking much better. I thought it might not be pink eye so we decided to wait to take him in. We waited and Isabelle woke up two days later with one eye sealed shut. She was happy as could be with this puffy, sick looking eye and a big smile on her face. Jakob's eyes weren't oozie but they were both bloodshot. Around this time I started to feel that lovely tickle in your throat, the kind you hope that you are just imagining for the first few hours, until you can't deny that you are getting sick. Steve stayed home most of the day on Wednesday, when we finally took them in to the doctor. This was quite a sacrifice with all the work he has to do, but I so appreciated his help with the kids. We got drops and their little eyes cleared up right away. We ended up just staying here for Thanksgiving. I missed being with all the family but with the kids just getting over pink eye, we didn't want to take the chance of being with everyone. We went to the park that morning and on a little hike. We cooked a huge Thanksgiving feast for just the four of us. I thought if we couldn't be with our extended family we atleast had to have the feast.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fun With Glitter

After we put Isabelle to bed, Jakob and I worked on these Christmas Ornaments. Wow, we had such fun with the glitter and boy does it make a mess. These are a lot cuter than they look in the picture. It was fun Christmas idea to do with Jakob. We keep talking about all the fun things we are going to do this coming season.

Yes, he has a shirt tied around his neck. That is his "cape", my little superhero! He has been wearing a long sleeve shirt around his neck a lot lately!

What a mess!! So much fun though to spend the evening with my favorite little boy.

Of course Jakob did not want to make stars or trees, he wanted to make swords. He showed me how he wanted to put the popsicle sticks together and we worked together with the glue and glitter.

Sunday Activities

Here is a page I did for our November Calendar. I finally got it done and it is the 12th!!! Today was busy, busy, busy. I crashed at about 5:30! (Following in my mom's footsteps with her Sunday naps!) I woke up at 7:30 and worked with Steve to get the kids to bed and then I was ready to play! Got this page below done. Really fun to work on, especially now with our printer. I can size and print my photos right here at home, any time I want. Love it.

Here is a Christmas Project I did this last week. It looks so great when it is all lit up. When I finished it the kids and I went into the downstairs bathroom, lit a candle, and turned out the lights to see our Christmas pictures glow. Fun time. Love doing projects that the kids can enjoy.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Fun Project

Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted!! I have been working on a lot of fun little projects that I have been wanting to do. Can I tell you how much I'm loving others blogs for ideas and insights!! It has been so fun to take a peak into others lives and see all the creative fun things that they are doing! I love that people post the projects that they do and so I've decided to do the same. I've also caught the Christmas Spirit bug a little early this year, so I will post some Christmas projects I have been working on. What fun!!

Below is something I saw on Becky Higgins blog and had to copy her idea. I had the "M" so it was only a matter of printing the photos and tying them on. How simple, but I love it!!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Here are a few shots of the kids in their costumes this Halloween. I only have a few to choose from, they weren't that excited about getting their pictures taken. I should post the ones where they were crawling/running all over the place!!

Fine Little Lady

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Steve and I just got back from "The Happiest Place on Earth!" Thought I would post a few pictures. We had a great time and the kids were fine at home with Grammy Huish. I missed them a lot and decided 4 nights away is too long!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Today is my 30th birthday! It has been a really good day, very relaxing! We had the Primary Program, the first Jakob was in. He did great! Steve made me dinner, delicious!! He should cook more often, hint, hint. After dinner I put on my pajamas and we all went downstairs to watch a movie together. A really good day, a day to be grateful for all that I have in my life, all that I have been blessed with.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just Playing Around

I grabbed the camera today and snapped some fun, silly shots. Jakob wanted me to take a ton of pictures of him flexing his muscles, sleeping, laughing, you name it, he did it!! Anyway, caught this fun one of him. Love his eyes, my crazy boy!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I'm really loving being back with the girls in Young Womens at church. They are so much fun to be with and are such good girls. They have impressed me so much with all that they are involved in and all they have planned to do. It has just been fun to hang out with them!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Two Readers

Isabelle did her back-up sit (don't know how else to describe it) and plopped down by her brother who was reading, grabbed a book, and started reading too. Too cute to not snap a shot.