Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Mall!

We went to the mall today and had so much fun! We got Jakob's 4 year old pictures done. It was funny, we had all the pictures taken and Jakob did great! I was so excited to see them! The lady came out a minute later and told us that those pictures didn't work! She hurried us through all the photos again! I was a little disappointed! The second set did not have much of a selection, but we got a couple really cute ones.

Isabelle did great in the mall. Our neighbors are moving and offered to give us their old stroller/car seat combo set. I jumped on the carseat, ours is an old one, but almost past on the stroller. I'm trying to be more mindful of what I bring into our house. I decided to take the stroller, since it had the carseat attachment for the next baby. (Whenever that happens!) At the mall today I took the stroller and totally fell in love with it! I have a double stroller and an umbrella stroller. The double stroller is way to big, it is a pain to take around, and I have no use for both seats. The umbrella stroller doesn't stand tall enough and I have to crouch down to use it. This was great! I through my bags down below, it had a cupholder for when we stopped and got a Jamba Juice, and it even reclined when Isabelle drank her bottle. It made going to the mall so much fun.

We went and got some close for Isabelle at Baby Gap for her birthday. They were having a great sale! We also went and let Jakob play at the play center. He had a lot of fun. It was a wonderful afternoon together.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Jakob's Not Feeling Well

Tomorrow is Jakob's birthday and he isn't feeling well today. I think that I will have to cancel his kid birthday party and postpone it for next week. It was going to be so fun! I feel so bad that my almost four year old boy is sick. He woke up today and was just complaining that his stomach hurt. He just wanted to lay around all day, watching TV, etc. He took a nap at 11:30am and at 7:00pm he told me he was tired and wanted to go to bed, so not like him. He has a fever that I am worried about, but no other symptoms. I gave him Tylenol for the fever and I hope it comes down. He is so sweet, too sweet to be sick on his birthday that he has been looking forward to for months. He has been talking about his Pirate Party forever. I think that I will hold off until tomorrow morning and see if he is feeling better then. I just love him so much.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

We Are Back!!

Yes, we are back and I am getting back into the old routine of things. We have a lot to get ready for over the next couple of weeks. Katy is leaving for her mission this next week and we are having a BIG get together at my house this Sunday. Next weekend is Jakob's birthday and Father's Day and I just got ask to give a talk Father's Day Sunday at church. Lots to get ready for!! I just need to make lists, lots of lists.