Thursday, July 19, 2007

Isabelle's !st Birthday

We just celebrated Isabelle's 1st Birthday last night. We went on a camping trip on the day of her birthday, but we still wanted to celebrate with a party! We had all of the Moon/Stigers families over for dinner and cupcakes. It was so fun to decorate with the theme of pink flowers. Isabelle was so fun to watch as she ate her first cake (cupcake). She didn't make that big of a mess, I was surprised. Everyone was so generous with all the gifts, cute outfits and lots of hair ties! I can't believe she is one! This last year has past so quickly!

Monday, July 2, 2007

A Suprise Visit!

We had a surprise visitors this last Friday. I was just getting the kids ready for bed when Andrew called. We talked for a minute and he asked to speak with Jakob. I gave the phone to Jakob and they talked for awhile. After about a minute I heard Andrew tell Jakob to go and open the front door. I couldn't believe it!! I opened the door and Erin and Andrew were here!!! We are so glad they are here to stay awhile! I guess they just decided that morning to jump in the car and drive here to visit us. Fun surprise!