Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Bedrest is going well, as well as can be expected. My mom is coming in this next week, I'm so excited and grateful. Thanks Mom for coming, I know that it isn't easy to get away!! We are surviving and getting into the routine of this new twist in our lives. We have had so much support from friends, family, and church family. I didn't realize what an amazing support system I have!! Thanks to all who have brought meals, watched the kids, cleaned my house, brought gifts, and made suggestions of things to do to fight the boredom. I saw my doctor on Monday and everything looks the same, so bedrest seems to be working. She was pleased and I was less worried. Every week puts me that much closer to the birth of a healthy baby boy.

Friday, April 25, 2008


When the family was in town Isabelle received her first haircut from her Aunt Erin. As you can see, she wasn't to happy about it when we started.
She got a lot better when her daddy fed her an apple or was it a pear.
We only took about 1/2 an inch off, hardly anything, not even enough to even it out, but it was a compromise with dad not wanting to lose any of her hair and mom wanting the ends trimmed.
It turned out great!! You can't tell that her hair is any shorter, but I can tell that it is healthier. Thanks Aunt Erin!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


This last Monday I went into the doctor's and she decided to put me on bedrest!!
She wants me in a reclined positions, not sitting, and only getting up to go to the bathroom. She wants me up for no more than 10 minutes at a time. Yes, I freaked out a little when I heard the news, how in the world was I going to do this for 13 weeks?? I'm a lot calmer now and am overwhelmed with all the support I have received from family, friends, and church members. Everyone has been so good and so understanding!! I really feel that this is a blessing in disguise, a blessing that I went into the doctor's and that we caught this early before my body went into labor. Right now I'm fine and the baby is fine. I feel that if I stay put and do what the doctor says this little guy will stay put as well.
So, anyone who reads this blog, I would love suggestions on books, movies, crafty projects, tv series, games, etc. Any suggestions for what a girl can do when she is on bedrest!!
Well, I better get off the computer, I'm trying to recline in this chair and post, but it isn't working so well. I don't think I will be posting as much, unless I get a laptop, then I will probably be posting a few times a day. Do you think this bedrest could justify buying a laptop? Hmmmmmm.....

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Circus

Thanks Uncle Terry and Aunt Andrea for getting us tickets for the circus. We all had so much fun and the kids absolutely loved it!! Just wanted to share a couple pictures of our afternoon at the circus.
My little girl was so excited to see the elephants. She just kept pointing and saying "wow." So cute.

Jakob used his money (well, all the money he had and we chipped in the rest) to buy this light sword. He is very excited about the sword and I knew it was a good thing to get, he plays with his two other swords all the time, even though they are both broken.
We had a great time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Simply Gorgeous!!

I was trying to get an 18 month photo of my girl a few weeks ago and got some good ones. She is so sweet and so good. Such a joy to be with!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wonderful Visit!!

A few pictures from our family's visit. It was so good to see them!!