Saturday, June 21, 2008

Trip To The Hospital

Just to let everyone know before I start this long drawn out story, I'm home and still pregnant. So, last night a strong contraction woke me up. I'm not sleeping that great these days anyway, but this woke me up out of a deep sleep. I started having contraction every 4-5 minutes. I stayed in bed for awhile and timed the contraction. Finally, I decided to call my doctor. Of course it was almost 3:00 am, what a better time to bug your doctor.

I always have more contractions at night, my little guy decides to wake up at about 9:00 pm every night. He then proceeds to do acrobatic moves in my belly for a few hours. He is a serious gymnast. I don't know if this is why I contract more. Well, I called and with my history of bedrest and my dilated cervix they wanted me to come in. Steve and I debated to wake up someone so he could come with me, but decided against it. I'm glad we did. I just told him I would call if they admitted me. So, I headed over to the hospital.

There was no traffic and parking was great!! The hospital was so quiet. I went in and they put some monitors on me to time the contraction and monitor our little guy's heartrate. The nurse checked me and I was still only dilated to 1 centimeter. She gave me a test that whould tell my chances of going into labor in the next couple weeks. I guess your cervix gives off a hormone when if is getting ready to give birth, so they are testing for signs of this hormone. If you do not have it you have a great chance of NOT going into labor in the next two weeks. I laid in the hospital room for an hour and a half waiting for the results and getting monitored. The test came back negative for the hormone and my contrations were slowing down. They gave me a pill to relax my body and stop the contractions and sent me home. So, all in all it was good that I went in. I lost some sleep but found out that I have a great chance this baby will stay put a couple more weeks. They still want me on strict bedrest, but hopefully I can stop worrying, especially in the late hours of the night.

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