Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Race, My Runner, and His Battle Wounds

The Primary put on a fun run yesterday morning and Jakob and Steve ran the 1/2 mile race. Jakob started out great and we were so proud of him. Just as he was weaving through and getting ahead of the crowd of runners, he went down. He totally scraped up his face, arms, and leg. I guess it took him a few minutes to calm down after he went down, but then he continued the run and finished the race with his dad. We were so proud of him!!

Here he is after the race with his medal and his battle wounds!! Poor guy! He is really sensitive about his face. It is probably because whenever he sees anyone the ask him anxiously, "What happened to your face???" He didn't want to go into church today because of his face, but he did. What a good boy we have.


  1. Jakob, Grandma is soooo proud of you. What a brave boy you are!! I hope you had fun even though you fell!! We sure do love you!

  2. That sounds like fun...not getting hurt but running! I hope he heals up fast...and he's wearing the kung fu panda shirt I got him!! Way cool! love you

  3. Wow! Good job Jakob! Those are some pretty impressive battle wounds too!