Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Story of Karter's Birth.

The night before Karter was born I went with my friend Amy to the movies. I wasn’t expecting him to come that night, if I had been I would have been home getting ready!

Well, at 3:45am on Wednesday July 16th I woke up with a contraction and my water broke. This was the first pregnancy where my water actually broke on its own. I was nervous that I could go into hard labor and have him at any moment so we got to the hospital as soon as we could. They got me to a room and checked to make sure my water had broke. They were asking me all of the medical history questions and they still hadn’t checked my cervix. My contraction was still far apart, but they were getting stronger. They didn’t seem to worry because my contractions were so far apart. I was worried because I knew how fast I dilated.
The doctor finally checked me and I was at 5 centimeters. I wasn’t worried, I thought I should have a few hours to go. I got my epidural, my contractions were really hurting. My doctor checked me again, and they put me on pitoson to try and get my labor going. The contractions started coming faster and they were getting more painful, even with the epidural. I asked my nurse if I could turn up the epidural, but she said she had to check with the anesthesiologist first. He came in and talked to me for quite a while about epidurals and feeling pain versus pressure. I just wanted him to give me more drugs!!! He finally gave me more and the contraction pain went away. The nurse and the anesthesiologist headed out of the room telling us to get some rest and that they would be checking on us soon.
Well, not 30 seconds later the nurse hurried back in telling me to get on my side because baby’s heart rate was dropping. I was trying to move on my side with half my body pretty numb, worrying about what was wrong with my baby. She had me flip to my other side while the other nurse checked me and said that my baby was right there ready to come out. They got his heart rate back on the monitor and started calling for the doctor and getting me set up in the stirrups. It all happened SOOOO FAST!! We told them that is what happens with me, but I don’t think they thought it would be quite so fast.
The next contraction I gave three big pushes and one contraction later I gave three more and Karter was born. They put him right on my belly and I got to hold him there for over an hour!! It was so wonderful to bond with my son, to hold him for the first time, while Steve and I looked at all of his features. We are so glad he was born safe and sound. So glad that he waited to come and that he is doing well and staying healthy. We feel so blessed to have this baby boy.


  1. Callie & Steve - CONGRATULATIONS! What a beautiful baby boy. I'm thrilled for you!!

  2. Hey, I am an old friend of Steve's and I got to your blog from Lesa Millers. Congratulations on your newest addition! What a cutie pie! And by the way, I am soooo jealous, Callie, that you had such a quick delivery! Mine are an all day affair, so I am green with envy. You guys have a BEAUTIFUL family and I am happy to see that your baby boy arrived safe and sound. Congrats, again!
    Stacey Christensen Baker

  3. I am so happy for you guys. He is cute. We are hoping to see you while we are in Oregon. We will be out there the end of next week and will be there for two weeks I think. Then we will be up in Washington. we love you guys!