Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jakob's School Clothes

We went school clothes shopping and got quite a few really fun clothes for Jakob. He was very excited to try on a few of these finds. After he tried on the outfit below he said:

"Now I'm a REAL man."

Not sure where he gets these things.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

What I've Learned.

I remember with Jakob being so uptight about teaching him his letters, numbers, etc. I had letters up in his room when he was tiny and was frustrated that he wasn't "getting it" at a younger age. I tried to sit down and read him a series of alphabet books when he was 1 and was upset when he lost interest. I did alphabet flashcards with him when he was 2 and was wondering why he wasn't learning it. I thought the way he should learn would be to sit and drill him on the letters. Finally at 4 years old he was able to sit and learn his letters, my way.

With Isabelle??? I haven't worried about teaching her the alphabet, I just let her soak it in. We have watched alphabet shows while she has danced around room. We do flashcards and I do one or two with Isabelle and let her play with the extra cards. We read alphabet books and I don't care if she loses interest. AND, she loves the alphabet. She loves to sing her ABCs. She loves to look at alphabet books and "do" the flashcards. She loves the alphabet shows and will run around saying "A B C!" She really enjoys her letters and I think she will learn them much quicker then Jakob did BECAUSE I didn't push her to learn them. She has just been surrounded by letters and doesn't feel that pressure.


  1. Most babies and toddlers won't sit through a lesson. They won't pay attention as you drill them on facts and figures. They do soak in EVERYTHING!! You just have to present it to them, submerge them in it, and they will learn it. You will have those moments that you will teach and can drill (especially as they get older), but the best way for these little ones to learn is to be surrounded by numbers and letters.
  2. That it never helps to push to hard. Being positive and gently pushing works, but when they get too frustrated they just don't do well. They won't learn as well, they won't like what they are learning, and they aren't going to want to do it in the future.
  3. That my poor Jakob is the one that I test my theories on and that I'm sure I will continue to mess up with him. Sorry baby. Maybe I will learn to be more relaxed as we continue to learn together.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How is Isabelle getting use to Karter??

This is a question I get asked A LOT. Well......

She likes to play with his feet.

Poke his eyes. "Eyes, Mommy."

Grab his arm.

She is really doing great with the whole new baby thing. She always wants to look at him, hold him, touch him. I think it helps that she LOVES babies!! I also haven't noticed that she has been misbehaving more than before. She seems to be handling this new addition to her world VERY well. We just hope this good behavior continues. We just hope they will grow to be best friends, never fight or say an unkind word to each other, always want to play with each other. Well, I mother can dream can't she??


Let me tell ya, this boy has quite a yell!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Karter and Paige

These two little cousins born just 9 days apart. So sweet!!

Grandma's Visit

I never posted that my mom was here for a visit. Love her so much. She came out, once again, to help us out after Karter was born. We just love having her here and miss her so much when she has to go. Thanks Mom!!

Mom with her newest grandbabies. Three more this year makes 7 Huish grandbabies!!

Imperfectly Perfect!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


This beautiful girl below decided to drop my cell phone in the bathtub a couple nights ago. So, after a day without a phone, a trip to the cricket store, a 30 minute wait in line, and $165 I have a new phone. The only problem is I don't have my friends and families numbers. Do you think you could leave your phone numbers in the comments?? It would help me so much in getting all of your numbers back into my phone. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Catching My Breath!!

Life here has been very busy with three little ones, one of which is a newborn. Just wanted to give you an update of all that is going on with us. I'm sitting here and all the kids are occupied. I get on the computer while I'm nursing so I don't usually get to type. I can load pictures with one hand but I can't type very well!!
Karter - We'll start with the one that is getting the most attention lately. He is still waking up every 2-3 hours to eat!! I'm waiting for him to space his nighttime feedings and am hoping it will happen soon. He was 3 1/2 weeks early, so he is almost 2 weeks past his original due date!! I may have a few more weeks before his sleep evens out. He is healthy and getting bigger by the day. He has a very loud, cry (scream) and lets us know when he is hungry or needs a diaper change.
Isabelle - She is already wearing 3T. She is just so tall!! 2T shirts and pants are just too short. With the 3T I have to pull in the elastic on the pants to fit around her waist, but she needs the length. She loves her baby brother, loves to poke him, rub his head, and is always asking to hold him. Loves her ABCs!! Jakob and I have been working on his letters and sounds this summer and she loves to sing her ABCs and go through the flashcards and letter games. I think she is ready to start potty training, but I AM NOT. Hopefully in the next few months we can start working on it. She is talking, a lot.
Some of the things she is saying:

"I do, Mommy."
"I love you."
"Daddy, I need you."
"Baby sleeping."
"Baby crying."
"Watch a show, Mommy."
Yelled from the top of the stairs when lunch is ready.
"Jakob, food!!"
Some cute words.
"Bapa" Grandma
"Wawee" Water
"Waining" Raining
Jakob --My five year old!! Can you believe I have a five year old?? He is getting ready for Kindergarten. We are planning on going school shopping for some pants and school supplies this next week. Last year I took him with me to get all of his clothes and it was WAY TO MUCH shopping for my little guy. This year I have been buying a few things here and there and will just take him with me to get jeans. We have been working on his letters and numbers and he has got them down!! Now we are starting to sound out and spell words. He is doing great with it, though he gets discouraged when it doesn't come easy. He is so social and loves to play with friends. I have been trying to get him together with neighbors/friends, but it has been hard with a newborn!! I'm excited for him to start school! I know he is going to love the social aspect of it and I will love that he will be learning/doing so many fun things.
Me - I'm TIRED!! I think that sums it up. Well, even though I am exausted from my broken nights of sleep, I haven't felt too overwhelmed with this third baby. I know that being on bedrest helped me to rest a lot during pregnancy. I feel very unscheduled. My new boss doesn't believe in schedules. He request my services at all hours of the day and night. I plan to get something done and I get interrupted by this new little guy in my life.
Some things I am excited for:
  1. I'm excited to get on a schedule, back on some kind of routine. I hope that when Karter starts sleeping and Jakob starts school we will have some sort of daily routine to follow.
  2. I can't wait to buy school supplies. I want to get my self a bunch of sharpened #2 pencils and my favorite pens and have them sitting on my desk. So inspiring.
  3. I'm excited to start exercising! I've been trying to walk, but haven't figured out how to do it consistantly without a schedule. I have to lose this pregnancy weight! Being on bedrest for 3 months did not help me keep my weight down. Time to get moving!!
  4. I'm excited for the trips we have planned that are coming up soon.
  5. I'm excited to get a new bike. It will be an early birthday present from Steve.
Steve - He has been busy with work. He is actually thinking of hiring on a laborer to help him with some of these jobs. He has been such a great help with Karter!! He has taken night duty 1-2 nights on the weekend so I can get 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Love it!! He is trying to get us to do more fun activities and is always pushing us to go swimming, hiking, and biking. We went to a fun creek this last Saturday and we had a blast in the water. He even got to swing on a rope into the water. He loved it!! I think he is excited for a wife that will be able to do more swimming, hiking, and biking now that I'm done with pregnancy, bedrest, etc.
Hope this gives you a good idea of what we have been up to.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Photo Shoot

I took Isabelle in for her 2 year old pictures and got so many cute shots!! This place I went to gives you a disks of the photos, I love that!!! So, I can share them with you!! Okay, better go, Karter is crying, again. I swear I just nursed him!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dressing Up

We have a big tub of dress up clothes that the kids love to get out and play with. We got it out a couple weeks ago and Jakob had a blast dressing up. We watched Return to Snowy River and Jakob had to dress up like Jim and ride his horse in the back.

Of course, dressing up like a knight is one of his favorite costumes. He added the Superman hat and gloves to this costume and asked me to take his picture.