Sunday, October 26, 2008

Advice Needed.

So, I'm working on the wall arrangement above my bed in our bedroom and I need your help. I have purchased 5 frames, inspired by pottery barn, purchased at Target. I need help deciding what pictures to put in the frame. I have three ideas. Please leave a comments and help me out!! Also, should I do colored photos, black and white, or a mixture of both.

  1. Pictures of just Steve and I.
  2. Pictures of our family, random shots.
  3. Individual shots of each member of the family.

Steve and I

I mostly have engagement shots, which I love. I think I could get a couple wedding shots, I just have to find my film. Here are a few I pulled up. I think this would look great in our room, since it is our room, pictures of us. I could also throw in a couple individual shots of us. Would that be weird?? Is there something strange about individual shots of yourself on the wall after you reach a certain age?

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Random Shots of Our Family

Photo 5

Photo 6Photo 7

Photo 8
Photo 9

Photo 10
Photo 11

Photo 12
Individual Shots of Each Family Member

Photo 13

Photo 14
Photo 15
Photo 16

Photo 17

Photo 18
Photo 19

Okay, I realized as I'm collecting these pictures that I don't have a lot of individual shots of Steve. I will have to correct that problem. Since the boy is extremely photogenic, I shouldn't have any problem getting some gorgeous shots of him.


  1. I really like ones of you and Steve...for above your bed.

  2. I like the ones of "random" family shots. And YES! individual shots of yourself on your wall is ALWAYS weird. (ANDREW)

  3. Shots of yourself are NOT weird! I like the idea of a couple shot, a family shot and then one of the individual kids... just a thought-Erin

  4. I like that idea of the different photos. The only problem is, I don't have a current family pictures of all of us. Maybe this will be a good excuse to get one.

  5. Personally, I think couple pictures for the bedroom are appropriate. We had an 8x10 picture of Drew on our dresser for a while, but I always felt like he was watching us...too weird for me! We've had photo walls of the kids in the last 2 places we've lived (not in the new fact nothing is on the walls yet). There's my vote. And I like black and white.

  6. For above your bed I like pictures of the two of you. It makes your room more just for you. And I think a mixture of you and Steve together and individual pictures are ok. You'll be together in the grouping anyway. (MOM)

  7. I like the idea of just the two of you. Maybe you could include shots that are candid, not looking at the camera (close up of holding hands). Or favorite places for the two of you (coast, nature, restaurant, memories from a great date night, or a favorite vacation) I like that idea of incorporating pictures from your past too, engagement, wedding. I know you only have 5 frames so I would keep it with the 2 of you even though your kids are darling! Do I have an opinion or what. Sheesh.