Friday, October 24, 2008

Bee - Belle

This is what Isabelle calls herself. It is funny what kids pick up on when they learn names. Her little friend down the streets calls her Is-bo.

My little one is growing so fast. She is starting to fight me a bit more consistantly on naps. Steve asked me the other day if I thought she was done taking naps. WHAT!! NO WAY!!! She will be taking naps until she is atleast 3, hopefully longer. She is just so grumpy without them and I know she still needs one. I just need to work with her. I think we have to come up with more of a naptime routine. Something will work.

She got me Brown Bear, Brown Bear the other day to read to her before she went down for her nap. I was nursing Karter, so she sat and "read" it to herself. I was surprised at how much she knew. She truly amazes me with all she is learning each and every day.

She knows and says the color blue. I think she knows blue because it is Jakob's favorite color now and he is constantly asking for everything of his to be blue. I don't even know how to describe the way she says blue, it is so cute, it is almost like her tongue rolls out the L-sound. I know I have said this before, but I am amazed at how much she learns just from observation. I was so structured with Jakob, trying to sit down and teach him every new thing. I was so obsessive about making sure he knew each and every new thing. With Isabelle, I just have to facilitate the enviroment, and she absorbs. This comes naturally with a five year old in Kindergarten. Lots of conversations, painting, music, book reading, letters, colors, learning shows to watch, numbers, charts, games, coloring projects, etc. Still, she amazes me with all she knows.

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  1. Cute pictures! It's been fun to get caught up on your blog. Love and miss you all!