Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Week In Our Live: Wednesday

Up at 1:30 am, 4:00 am, and 6:00 am with Karter.

Get up at 6:00 am. Breakfast while checking out blogs, type up my blog, read scriptures,

Bath, get ready. Karter up at 7:00 am. Steve gets him and plays with him. I finish getting ready. Nurse Karter. 7:45 am I realize we have to walk to school, Steve is taking our car. Get the kids out of bed, they are already awake. Get them ready. Eat protein bars for breakfast on the way to school.

Walk home from school. Karter has fallen asleep in the stroller. Isabelle watches Sesame Street. I straighten house and collect clothes for Karter to wear when Amy takes photos of him today. Found the biggest spider I have ever seen on our back deck. Set up Karter’s tub to give him a bath when he wakes up. Keep cleaning house. Karter still sleeping. Steve calls while I’m ironing clothes. He comes home and stops in to get some paperwork. Karter still sleeping. Amy calls at 10:20 am. We decide to head over without giving Karter a bath and let him sleep.

Photo shoot at Amy’s house. I thought he would want to eat when he woke up, but he was happy. We got a bunch of pictures. I only had to give him a little of his bottle a couple times to keep him happy. So excited to have these done.

Went to get Jakob from the bus. Stood there FOREVER before I called the school to see if I had missed him. I had. Had to walk to his school to pick him up. Isabelle cried a good portion of the trip. Karter slept. Trying to figure out what is up with all this sleeping?? Wondering if he is getting on a schedule. Get Jakob and walk home.

Chaos for the next hour. Karter is crying, kids have to go to the bathroom, lunch needs to be made, I’m starving. Feed kids and myself. I had spaghetti and kids had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk. I had to mix the Adams Peanut Butter. Debating if I should switch to a peanut butter I
DON’T have to stir.

Isabelle down for nap. Karter in bouncy chair upstairs with Jakob. Loving that Jakob can play on his own and entertain Karter. On computer, relaxing, having a snack, protein bar and milk. Make myself get back to work.

Karter still in chair. Jakob has moved the chair so Karter can watch him draw. Karter down for nap. Notice that he has been sleeping a lot today. Hoping it is a sign of good things to come. Jakob downstairs watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Haven’t watched that in awhile. Work on boy’s room. Have a great idea for decorating the shelf in their room with Jakob’s artwork. Love Jakob’s artwork framed, am not liking the overall effect of how it is turning out. Remember that I was supposed to decorate for Halloween/Fall before I started working on the finishing the kids room. Isabelle up.

Make protein shake for me, early dinner. Work on bills. Pay a bunch of business and personal bills. Realize I don’t have any stamps.

Start dinner. Breaded chicken, parmesan ravioli, and steamed carrots. Set kids up with puzzles at the island while I work. Call Steve to see if he will be home for dinner. Tells me he will be home at 6:30 pm and not to wait. Karter up. Wow, he slept a lot. Nurse Karter while finishing dinner. Interesting. Amy calls and emails me Karter's pictures. Put Karter in bouncy seat with bottle so I can finish dinner. Feed the kid’s dinner. Run down to check email to look at pictures!!!! So, so, so, so cute!! Karter asleep in bouncy seat, loves the vibration, so relaxing. Can’t believe he is asleep again. Worried he won’t sleep tonight.

Downstairs with kids to pick-up basement. Upstairs with kids to take bath. Isabelle asks for bubbles. I fold laundry while kids are in bath. Steve calls, says he is on his way home, reminds me we need to take Plumbing Van to Forest Grove to get new engine. Try not to think about how much it will cost us.
Steve home. He works outside getting things settled. I get kids in pajamas and teeth brushed. Pack a few things for the road. Pack up the kids, Karter and Isabelle with me, Jakob with Steve. Drop off Van. Go to Steve’s parents house. Realize I forgot my camera!! Stop by Grammy and Grampy Moons. Kids run around like crazy people!! I relax on couch in front of fireplace. Borrow their car for the next few days. Drive kids home. Karter slept the whole way, wakes up when we get home. Steve puts Jakob and Isabelle to bed while I nurse Karter. Steve showers. Straighten up downstairs. Get ready for bed. Give Karter bottle and put down to bed. 11:00 pm, lights out, so tired!!

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