Monday, October 13, 2008

A Week in Our Lives: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Finishing up a Week In Our Lives. Just a few photos and words.

A treat for me. Yes, it is the lowfat version, I know how much pregnancy weight I still have to lose.
A Sunday walk to the park.
Sewing Karter's quilt after kids are in bed.

Steve looking at homes on the internet.

Cooked up hamburger. Ready to freeze for meals.
Trip to the apple farm.
This guy was amazing!!!

Look at our Spiderman!
All cozy.
Reading before bed. Bedtime story.
Major cleaning after kids went to sleep. Went to bed with main floor and basement clean. Love that feeling.


Waking up and cuddling in bed. Trying to organize toys.
Grilled cheese for dinner.
Drop Steve off at plumbing job.
Visit Lisa, play with cousins.

Grocery Shopping.

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