Friday, October 10, 2008

A Week In Our Lives: Thursday

Up with Karter at 2:30 am. Woke up at 5:30 am on my own. First time I have woken up on my own in a long time. Stayed in bed until Karter cried at 6:00 am. Nursed Karter. Is having a hard time breathing with his stuffy nose. Suctioned his nose. Doesn’t seem sick other then you can hear the congestions in his nose. Put him back to bed in his crib.

Eat leftovers for breakfast while checking email. Steve is getting ready to go to work. Back upstairs to bathe and get ready for day. Wake kids up at 7:50 am. Get them dressed and they have cereal for breakfast. Drive Jakob to school.

Straighten up house. Amy brings Finley over at 9:00 am. She shows me the pictures she has taken of Karter on her computer. So cute!! So perfect!! Can’t wait to frame them. Thank you Amy!! Finley stays and plays until 11:00 am.

Get kids ready and in stroller. Get Jakob from bus. Lunch. Peanut butter and Jelly for the kids, leftovers for me. Wash off everyone’s sticky hands.

Karter down in our room so I can finish working in boy’s room. Isabelle down. Jakob watching Leap Frog movie. I work on Week In Our Lives and update blog. Have lots to type!

Clean main floor. Sweep and mop floor, clean bathroom, dust, etc. Worked on business/personal finances. Upstairs to try and take a nap. Isabelle was awake. Went in her room and tried to take a nap in her bed, in and out of sleep while Isabelle played.

Make protein shake. Worked on Halloween garland and kids made pictures with scrap paper. Karter awake. Nurse and give bottle.

Fixed dinner while kids played Cooties. Turkey hamburgers and fries. Calling Steve, hoping he will be home soon, no answer. Feed kids. Steve calls, said he was out of service, will be home in 20 minutes.

Steve home. He eats and takes kids up to bathe them. I put Karter down. I go to JoAnns to look for Halloween decorations for mantel. No luck. Stop at Safeway to buy milk, bread, fruit, etc.

Home by 8:10 pm. Steve has put Isabelle and Jakob to bed and we are excited to watch the office. Karter is up. Gets fussy. I nurse him and put him to bed by 8:45 pm. We watch some of Heroes on DVD and watch The Office and SNL Election Special. Finish the Heroes episode. Feel like I should straighten up before bed, but am so tired. Go to bed.

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