Monday, November 3, 2008


We just had Stake Conference and it was so inpiring. So many great things were shared. Our General Young Men's President was one of the speakers. I loved his talk and he said a couple of things that really struck me. He said that WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. This concept is not new, but I think that it is important during our day. At times I think many of us, myself included, look for the easy road and are frustrated when things are difficult. We can and should be striving to do hard things. Of course this applies to building the kingdom of God but it can also apply to so many other things in our lives. I have been saying this to myself a lot this last week as I have been trying to exercise more and eat right. He also said that VITAL ARE THE LEISURE HOURS, FOR IN THEM YOU WIN OR LOSE ETERNITY. I want to post both of these thoughts in my home to focus on. What am I doing with my free time? So much to think about.


  1. I LOVED this talk too! It's funny, the two things you mentioned are the exact two things I wrote in my notes. Great minds.....

  2. sounds like a wonderful Stake Conference!!! THANKS for posting these important messages!!!

    (I'm your dad's cousin...)