Tuesday, January 27, 2009

6 Months Old

Weighing in at 19 lbs 4 oz, can you believe it?? Karter had his checkup today and his doctor says he looks great. He is in the 95 percentile for height and 70 percentile for weight. I can't believe how big he is!! He is almost sitting up and grabbing and playing with everything. He loves to talk, lots of goos and gahs, his little voice melts my heart!! We have started solids but he isn't that interested!! We are still working through the vegetables, I'm sure he will like eating more when we start with the bananas and peaches. He still isn't rolling over and I have been worried. The doctor reminded me that he was a month early, so really he is only 5 months old developmentally. He also said that a lot of babies that are bigger don't roll over as much because it is difficult for them to move their heavy bodies. My little chunk!! I just love this little guy and feel so blessed to have him healthy and strong.

Isabelle decided to put these glasses on him. I'm so glad an eye was not injured in the process. She loves her brother, as you can see, sometime she just loves him a little too much!!


  1. Steve came into the library on Sunday with Karter and I was telling him that I couldn't believe how big he has gotten. I didn't think it had been that long since I last saw him. He gave me so many big smiles! He is such a cutie!

  2. 19lbs..holy moly, I think he is almost the same size as Ashlynne, I know she hasnt hit the 20lb mark yet, and she is 1 years old. You know how to feed em! He is just getting cuter!