Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pages For Karter

Finally, I'm starting to scrapbook again. The page below is documenting the photos that my friend Amy took that I blogged about earlier. I just loves these photos and I really loved how the page turned out. The spread is two 12x12 side by side. I've already slipped it into his book. The text reads:

When my friend Amy offered to take some photos of you I was so excited. It still took me a about three months to finally get together with her to get them done. I was hoping you would be happy during the photo shoot. I was pleasantly surprised with how well you did during the photos, you should have been tired and hungry! I had a bottle ready for you to drink, but you didn't need much. You were happy and content while Amy snapped photos of you. She called me the evening after she took them and was excited for all the beautiful photos she got of you. When I finally got to see them I was thrilled with the result. Karter, these photos capture you!! Your sweetnessa nd beauty, your many looks, your smiles and innocence. You will not stay this way for long, but I feel I have been blessed with these photos that have frozen time. You are so loved by us all and such a blessing to our family. We all adore you and love being with you. You are such a good boy and I can already feel of your goodness and love. Always remember the innocence that you carry with you, you are truly our miracle from heaven!

Loved doing this page!!

The page below I did right before he was born or right after, but I thought I would put in on the blog. It is documenting his ultrasound.


  1. Both of those pages are very sweet!

  2. I love how those pages turned out!!! It was so fun taking photos of him. I'll take more any time. We need to get together and do some scraping you have great ideas.