Sunday, February 1, 2009


Today Isabelle has set a record for herself. I've been amazed today at the amount of times this little girl has fallen down, crashed, or banged herself up in one way or another. She usually has a few accidents each day, but today she took it to a new level. I think she went down four time before church (we start at 9:00am). I'm not just talking about the kind of fall where you trip and jump back up, I'm talking about slamming into the wall and getting a goose egg on your head kind of fall. After church she continued her quest of setting this new record for the day. Whenever she falls down she comes to me crying/screaming in pain. I ask her if she is alright, she always says yes through her tears, and then takes another couple minutes to calm down. She is so darn cute when she cries, but I'm seriously at the point where I just roll my eyes (not one of my best mom moments) when I hear her crash and fall. I just keep waiting for her to learn to slow down, to be careful climbing, to watch where she is going, etc. One day I hope she will learn, but for now I will enjoy the fact that cuddle time with mom and a kiss cures all her sorrow.

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