Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Its More Then Photos, Paper, and Glue

Thought I would share some thoughts on scrapbooking. My camera's battery is dead and I have to recharge it, so I haven't been taking photos. I don't like to do too many posts without pictures. Anyway, just finished a project I will share as soon as I can take some photos. In this project I ramble on about scrapbooking and thought I would share. It is truly how I feel as I document our lives through photos and words.

Scrapbooking is not only a way to document our lives,but in doing so, we can see our lives in a new light. It helps us view what we do and we analyze why we do it and if we should continue to do it. What we see as we collect photos and write about our everyday lives helps us view ourselves clearly. It helps us keep what works, stop doing what doesn’t, and appreciate the precious moments that go all too quickly.

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  1. I wish I could feel so inspired and organized. You are such an inspiration. Scrapbooking is not something I have a desire for, but I admire you for your strength and determination to document your family life.