Thursday, February 12, 2009

Project Completed

Finally, I have finished this quilt for Karter!! My goal was to get this done before he was born, but I had to wait until we found out if he was a boy or girl, and then I got put on bedrest. So, that is my excuse. Not that I would have gotten it done anyway, Jakob and Isabelle's quilts were both finished about 6-8 months after they were born, so it is just the average time it gets done!
Thought you might be interested to see the other quilts. So fun to put them up next to each other. Isabelle still uses hers, but I had packed Jakob's away for safe keeping. I pulled it out this week to remind Jakob what his blanket looked like.

1 comment:

  1. So fun to see all 3 of the quilts together. I love your tradition and the kids will cherish the love their mama put into each stitch!