Sunday, March 8, 2009

Isabelle Where Do You Go Potty??

Me: "Isabelle where do you go potty??"

Isabelle: "On the toiiiiiilet!!"

Potty training my sweet girl has been a great experience!! She has been so cooperative and willing to use the potty. I think she would have been potty trained a couple months ago, but I just haven't been ready!! It takes commitment to potty train, to actually REMEMBER to remind your little one to go to the bathroom, to not get frustrated with the messes and remember they are learning. It is a process. I find it is best to stay as close to home while they are learning.

Isabelle has been in big girl underwear for a couple weeks now. Most of the time I still have to remind her, but sometimes she will go on her own. We really have only had a few accidents. She LOVES being a big girl and NOT wearing a diaper.


  1. What a big girl!! I'm so happy for you and Isabelle! She looks so proud!

  2. WOW, that is awesome! I so wish Chase would cooperate, he just isnt wanting to yet, and I dont force it, when they are ready they are ready... I dont like accidents.. so I just wait.. impatiently!

  3. Jakob was 3 1/2 when he was potty trained!! He just wasn't ready. I had a hard time with him being my first, thinking I was doing something wrong!! It is so much easier with Isabelle. She is ready and so cooperative!! It proves to me that potty training has a lot to do with the child who is being trained. It will happen, eventually, when they are ready.