Friday, March 13, 2009

Mmmmmm, treat!

I have been drinking these Green Smoothies for the last couple of weeks!! I read about them on a couple people's blogs and thought I would try them! They have been great!! I've been trying different varieties of fruit with spinach and I definately have my preferences!! One reason I love these is because my kids like them!!
Notice the green mustache?? After each sip of her smoothie she would say, "Mmmmm, treat!" I love that they are getting tons of fruit AND GREEN VEGGIES!!

Isabelle isn't a big veggie eater. I always put a few on her plate, but she usually doesn't try to eat them on her own. She is pretty good about eating a couple bites, but I have to work with her, convincing her of how good they are. Jakob does great with vegetables and likes all of them except mushrooms! I think exposing him to a variety of vegetables and telling him they make him strong and healthy has worked well for him.

She is such a poser for the camera!! She loves to eat her snacks, she even gets comments from her nursery leaders on how much she loves snack time.
Isabelle loves fruit!! So this is a great way to slip some good, healthy veggies into her diet. So far we've only tried spinach and chard. I'm going to get some other greens next shopping trip so we can try other varieties. (Don't you just love Karter hanging out in his swing!! Cute boy!)
I've been loving all the extra energy I get from drinking these. I really have felt great this last week especially.

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  1. Good job mom...we have done the green veggie breakfast shakes for years but it is usually a mixture of stuff out of our garden (chard, spinach, beets, tomatoes, etc....what ever we have and we put an apple in it to make it paletable....I like yours better!! Have you ever tried wheat grass juice....don''s awful!! I'm doing your GreenSmoothies from now on...tastes good and good for you...THANKS!! (remember I'm a relative, not a crazy blog stocker :)