Friday, March 27, 2009

My Jakob and Isabelle

This two buggers fight like crazy!! Jakob knows just what to do to tease or scare Isabelle!! Isabelle is great at screaming at the top of her lungs whenever she thinks she has been wronged. They both are super possesive about what belongs to them or who had it first. Sometimes I feel like I'm dealing with one disagreement after the other. I can be heard saying in desperation, "Jakob go to that side of the room, Isabelle go to the other side. Just play by yourselves. Don't look at each other or talk to each other."

That said, these moments really only happen occasionally. Jakob is so good to his sister! He puts up with her messing up/destroying things that he has spent hours working on. He always thinks of her when I give him a snack or get a project out for him to work on. He unbuckles her carseat, helps her put her shoes on, and gets her things that she asks for. He is a great big brother. He shares treats with her that he brings home from school and church. He remembers her in his prayers.

Isabelle is so sweet and kind. Yes, she gets upset quickly, but she also is quick to give a hug and say that she is sorry. She is very loving. She loves to be around Jakob, to do what he is doing. She just thinks whatever he is doing is the best thing to do!! She is so willing to share!! If you ask her nicely (I'm trying to teach Jakob this) to share a toy (okay, maybe not her pink Care Bear) she will quickly hand it over to you.

Isn't this family life?? These two are connected and will be throughout the eternities. I love that they are forming this amazing relationship and I hope that it will continue to grow. I hope as a mom I can facilitate an enviroment where they will be more apt to make good memories versus that not-so-good. Oh, the joy of sibling relationships. They truly have such sweet moments together.

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