Wednesday, April 29, 2009

9 Month Visit

Just took Karter in for his 9 month visit. He is doing great and was smiling and laughing for his doctor!! He has a little cold and has had a stuffy nose and a cough for the last couple days. The doctor said that it wasn't in his lungs or his ears, so she wasn't worried. He is also getting a couple more teeth on the top. He will have all eight of his front teeth when these two come in, and hopefully we will have a teething break. With all this going on I can't believe he was so happy through his visit.

Isabelle told me she was going to stay home from the doctor's office today. I told her the visit was for Karter and finally convinced her to come. She was sure to tell me over and over again that she did NOT need a shot. I guess she didn't like the flu shot she got at his last visit.

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