Saturday, April 4, 2009

Decorating Changes

The day after we had Karter's 8 month pictures I just had to run to Kohls, buy new frames, and frame up my 8 month photos of my three little ones. I love being able to see the differences/similarities between them. I use to think Karter looked a lot more like Jakob. Seeing them side by side, at the same age, I can see a lot of differences. I love these photos, love that I have these three people in my life.

I had to switch around the living room to create an area where the three photos could go. We have such a small area upstairs!

Here is the photo of all three of my munchkins together. I love it paired with the stair.

In our bedroom I have a current photo of each of our kids. Now Karter has joined the group. My boys sit on our dresser.

My angel girl sits on top of a bookcase in the corner. I love having photos of them in our room.

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  1. You are so amazing at decorating, it looks really good. I love your house!