Thursday, April 16, 2009

Speaking In Church

I have been asked to speak this Sunday in church on how we can make our homes like the temple. I would love to get some of your ideas on things that you do to make your homes like the temple. Would love to hear your comments.


  1. Callie, I'm not surprised you were asked to talk on this topic - I cannot think more of how one can make their home like the temple than what you and Steve already do. The sweet Spirit that is felt when one enters through your doors, the order and cleanliness, the love and happiness in all your family's countenances, the joyful conversation, the pictures on the walls, the music you play (I especially love when you play the Primary songs), FHE, family prayer, scripture study, the scriptures and church magazines so readily available, the standards you live and are teaching your children, priesthood power, the way you honor your own temple covenants, your many acts of service to your family and others, a place of refuge and peace from the negative influences of the world, the way you make others feel loved when they visit, how you invite them to return, the example you and Steve are in attending the temple and serving in your callings and honoring your stewardships as husband and wife, mother and father - all these things and more make your home like the temple. You're going to do great, wish I could be there to hear you speak....

  2. I love how quiet and reverent it is within the temple. Reverence is something I've been trying to incorporate in our home; I want my kids to feel at least a small measure of the peace I feel in the temple. I've found the most success through 3 things: turning the tv off, keeping my voice down, and playing more with my kids. The last thing makes all the difference with my kids. When I spend time with them in a wholehearted way (when I'm not thinking about anything else except being with them) we are better friends, they have more patience with me and I with them. It's a struggle every day but we're getting better.

    I love that picture of the Portland Temple. Where did you get it?