Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Project #3 - Photo Collage

This one I just finished yesterday. I had 5 pictures left to add and it was just sitting there waiting for me to finish. So happy to get these projects done!! Posting these has really motivated me to finish up these projects that have been laying around and stressing me out. The idea for this collage came together after Isabelle (or was it Jakob) broke this frame. Luckily I had bought 4 and I only needed three for the photos I was displaying (2 for 1 deal at Kohls.) Well, the frame and the glass inside broke. I threw the glass away and tried to glue the frame back together. After a couple attempts I got it back together, but the frame didn't look great. I decided to do something fun since I really didn't care about the frame. I really liked how it turned out. I was able to use nail polish remove to help fix my botched up glue mess on the frame. I just gathered a bunch of our wallet size snapshots, cut them to the same size, and taped them down.


  1. I really like this idea Callie. I am glad I am related to people who are so creative :)

  2. I LOVED how those project turned out!!! I especially love the week in the life book. I've got to work on mine. Where did you get your plastic pages/ page protectors?

  3. I love this idea. This would be a good idea for me to do something with all those wallet size school pictures I have of you kids. Such a creative girl!