Thursday, May 7, 2009

Project #4 - Quiet Book

Such a bright, cheery, fun book!! This book took so much time to make and I will NOT be doing another!! I ordered the kit to make this book and followed a couple different online tutorials. Many of the peices are secured with velcro so they can be played with.
Put the animals in the cage.

Put the clothes in the basket.

Riding and driving!! Mom, Dad, all our kids, and both Grammies and Grampies fill our train, truck,and car.

Pick a flower.
Count, slide, and tie.
This is one project I felt took too much time, money, and effort!! It had so many different parts to it, and it didn't come together quickly. When I finally finished it I hesitated to let the kids play with it, which makes no sense, since this is the purpose of the book. It just has so many fragile pieces that aren't kid friendly. Of course I let them play with it. In the first 5 minutes that Isabelle played with it she bent the monkey and lost a peice. Oh well, I hopefully have learned my lesson. I love beautiful things, but with kids, I'm learning things they use also have to be practical. Finding the balance between beauty and practicality is something I need to remember in future projects.

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