Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunny Days

So glad that it is sunny and warm. Living in the Pacific Northwest, warm sunny days are so appreciated!! Last Saturday we headed out on a bike ride. We made a quick stop at a bike shop to get a cruiser for me. I DIDN'T TAKE ANY PHOTOS OF MY BIKE!!! Always leaving myself out of the photo shoots. Anyway, I'll post photos of my new bike later.
So, how do you get three kids out on a bike ride? This is how we do it!! We get so many comments on this mode of transportation.

Love the runner who has to take a look at the caravan of bikes and trailors being pulled. This day we had an extra green machine tied to the back. Jakob was riding it but we switched him to the tandem and put Isabelle and Karter in the back. Always amazed at what my husband can make work. Genius, I tell you, always thinking outside the box.

Okay, what is it with this kid always wanting his shirt off. If it is a warm day the shirt comes off. Still trying to convince Isabelle that girls don't take their shirts in public. I hope someday she'll get it or we might be in trouble.
You may ask why I don't drag any of the kids around on my bike. Well, Steve has all the attachments on his bike and he says it would be a pain to switch them. Secretly I'm glad. I think it evens up the ride. Easy to keep up with a guy that is dragging three kids, a trailor, and a green machine.

Loving these summer days!


  1. how fun! I hate riding bikes, I leave that to Doug and the kids... we got one of those seats that attach to the back... love garage sale finds! It has been gorgeous... lets hope it doesnt leave!

  2. What a happy family! So glad that you're having beautiful days - Dad and I have been spending a lot of time outside - doing yardwork- not riding bikes, which we do need to dust off and get to using - love the warmer weather!