Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hair Ties

Okay, Isabelle's hair supplies take up the second drawer in the kid's bathroom. It has been a challenge to use, keep clean, and find what I need when I need it. I have used the tiny jars from Ikea to divide all the hair ties by colors. I liked the look of it BUT it was a pain to unscrew and dig through the jars each time I needed ties. I finally got the idea to use those fun craft carriers that I use for my scrapbook embellishments.
What a mess!! I started digging through and getting rid of all the things that her hair is too thick for.
So I planned a trip to JoAnns and bought the case below. I like that it has a handle on it and that it is easy to open and close.

I decided not to divide her hair ties by color and grouped them together by what they are. Now I can just open the case and get what I need. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get the colors I needed when I needed them, but the container is shallow enough that this system is working well.
Here is her drawer without the above container. Her conditioner spray, gel, brushes and combs just lay inside. I put all her bows, ribbons, and large hair items in the floral container. Her foam curlers are in the tin heart. I did keep one of the Ikea containers to keep her extra elastics in.
Her plastic case fits right on top and the drawer slides closed easily. It is amazing how the small things make simple task so much easier!

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