Saturday, July 11, 2009

Crazy, Crazy Days.

We have been busy here!! Vacationing at my parents home in Utah, moving to our new home, unexpectedly selling our old home, a quick campout trip to Sandlake, and a summer cold. I have MANY photos to post and I'm planning to be blogging semi-regularly after my little vacation from blogland.

Pretty excited to be in our new home. There is so much to do!! The yardwork itself is completely overwhelming, but we are trying to take it 1 step at a time. We painted the walls and cleaned the carpets before we moved in. I'm ordering carpet this next week and we should get it installed in the bedrooms and the basement the following week. The kitchen is what will take the most time!! I'm hoping to get bids on what we want done in the next couple weeks and get started on that.

I'm really trying to enjoy the process and stay positive. I keep telling myself it is all about attitude. When I look at our home and the property I try to envision what it will be!! I'll be posting photos of our home soon so you can take this journey with us. It truly is exciting when I focus on what is to come!!


  1. So Excited for you Callie! Cant wait to see pictures...

  2. That is wonderful, I had no idea you sold your home...congrats. Can't wait to see you and your new home next week with the girls.

  3. We miss you! So glad you're getting settled in. Hope all goes well with all your plans - can't wait to see it! Give the kids a big hug and love for us.