Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jakob's 6th Birthday

Jakob wanted a Ninja Party, so that is what he got!! He dressed for the event and had a few friends over to celebrate.

They played a few games to test their ninja skills. Keep the balloon off the ground, king of the couch cushions, and of course a couple games with Steve and the water balloons.
The water balloons have become quite a tradition. We did this game at Jakob's fourth birthday and he has requested it every birthday since. Minor details of the game switch each year, but the object of the game is always the same, hit Steve with the water balloons.
Our family came for another party later that evening. We had a crazy summer storm while they were there and most of the kids got caught outside. The rain was coming down in sheets and flowing through the streets. Everyone outside got drenched!

After all the excitement, presents were finally opened.

The kids sat and watched in comfy towells.
I think that he had a great day. We celebrated the Saturday before his birthday, so on his birthday we went out to Red Robin and he came home and opened presents from us. Three parties for this lucky boy. I can't believe another birthday has come and gone!!

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  1. What a lucky, lucky boy! And what fun parties. Love and miss you all!