Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Know That It Has Been A Long Time...

You know that it has been a long time since you have blogged when you...
  1. Just downloaded 417 pictures from your camera.

  2. Missed posting all three of your children's birthdays!

  3. Forgot your password when you logged in!! (Seriously, can you believe that!!)

  4. Wondered if anyone is still reading!

Seriously, busy, busy, busy is all I have to say! I have tons to post and will be trying to catch everyone up (if there is anyone out there still reading) on all the fun things going on. We are settling into our new home, working on all the MANY projects we have going on with that. Today was a great day! Got new carpet installed, a wall built for the fourth room in the basement, and Steve is going to buy a lawnmower. (Yes, he is leaving to buy it at 10:00pm at night, but whose cares about the time as long as the job gets done.)

Next on our list, KITCHEN REMODEL!!!!! So excited!! Below I have posted some pictures of some kitchens that are inspiring me. If anyone knows of any great sites with lots of pictures and ideas I would love to hear about it. So, below, a few photos of what is inspiring me.

Soon to come......Photos Of Our New Home, Birthday Photos, Latest Vacation To Utah, Projects, and Much More!!


  1. that's what you said last time!!!
    -from the best blogger ever!

  2. Completely love the 1st and 2nd kitchens. Can't wait to see the carpet. Are we still on for Thurs.?

  3. I totally understand the lack of blogging. I just took care of the 1247 pictures on my camera....