Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Karter has such a hard time falling asleep anywhere buy his crib, SO I was very surprised when I found him asleep on the couch the other day. I asked Jakob to give him bottle and I guess he just couldn't stay awake long enough to finish it.
Such a beautiful sleepy face, LOVE how he is spread out, completely relaxed!
Switching to another topic. We have been busy moving lots of furniture around. We are getting ready to meet with a guy that will draw up our kitchen remodel plans and I just can't figure out exactly how I want it. We decided to buy a dining room table instead of waiting until after the remodel. I'm so glad we did. The space is interesting and I'm trying to visualize where we should put the table with the remodel. Now that I have it I'm moving it around with all the other peices of furniture, placing chairs and tables where our island or built-in bench may be. I keep praying I will get this plan right and be happy with the set up we finally decide on. I am feeling like it is coming together. LOTS OF TIME spent thinking about this and that, what would work best for our family, what would be of most value to us, etc. Hopefully I will be feeling great about everything this Friday so we can move forward!


  1. Such a beautiful sleepy boy! You were like that too, Callie - only going to sleep in your crib. This reminds me of the Mother's Day after our car accident - we came home from church and you fell asleep in my arms - something that just hadn't happened for such a long time. I didn't want to put you down. It was my Mother's Day gift - to me from you. Love you, dear girl.

  2. I am totally blog stalking you, but that's okay right?

    Anyway, I noticed the Logan house on your slide-show. We lived right behind each other. We were on the other side of those big trees. Too funny. (I vaguely remember having this conversation with you at fin's b-day party, but I am repeating it.)

    Good luck with the remodel!