Friday, July 30, 2010

Can You Guess What It Is??

When I snapped this photo I thought what a great photo it was of my two boys!!! Then I remembered that there was a dead mole in the photo. Is there any way I could crop that out?? We had a mole in our yard and Steve and Jakob decided they were going to catch it. They set the traps and Jakob was so excited to check it a few times a day. A couple days later they found this in their trap. Jakob informs me that their fur is very soft. Lovely!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Long or Short

What would you classify my hair as being?? Would you classify it as being long?? When I look at this photo I almost think I would. I've been trying to grow my hair out for over a year now. This photo gives me lots of hope that my hair IS actually getting longer.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Is Your Day

Karter is turning 2 and this is what is waiting for him tomorrow morning. More pictures to come from our Karter's Circus Birthday Party.

Celebrating My 4 Year Old

We celebrated with a Birthday Brunch Sleeping Beauty Party. Looking back there was a lot I didn't get pictures of. I had a fun table all set up with princesses and pink for the cousins to eat at together. Isabelle got a few things, a bird book, a Dora lunch box, a couple outfits. Her big gift was furniture for the doll house she got for Christmas. Now she is all set.
I sure love this angel girl that fills my day with happiness and warmth. She loves life, LOVES IT!!! She is just happy to be alive and to enjoy all that comes her way. She can be sweet and sassy, funny and sad, carefree and very concerned. Her laugh is contagious. She can get VERY excited over anything. Presents, bugs, trips into town, watching a movie, worms, playing with friends. She will often say when she sees projects I am working on or something I'm putting together, "Mom, that is sooooo beautiful." She melts my heart.
She loves talking on the phone, hugging Jakob, following her mom around all day, swinging on our rope swing, taking her shirt off when she gets hot (like the boys), pestering, I mean loving her baby brother, eating "white" icecream, and having sleepovers in Mom and Dad's bed. I love hearing her sing. Love it. Just the other day she was singing "In the leafy treetops." She sang, "In the leafy treetops the flowers are naughty."
I just love my sweet girl and couldn't possibly imagine my life without her. She hit 4 with such enthusiam, asking the day before when she was going to have her next birthday (her 5th birthday.) Hold off my sweet girl. Enjoy this next year. You will only be 4 once and when it is gone it is gone. Savor your days of play, your days of exploration of the wonders around you. Savor your childhood and all that comes with it. I love you my girl and am so proud of the little girl you are and the glimpses of the beautiful future I see that awaits you. Happy Birthday.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What do you want me to do?

So, the other day Jakob wanted me to take a picture of the lego set he bought with his birthday money from Grampy and Grammy Huish. He set it all up and had me take the pictures. Then he asked me to take pictures of each of the legos individually. What?? Where did he get that from?? I mean it isn't like he sees anyone taking random pictures of different objects in the house from ever angle possible and posting these pictures on her blog??

So, whats a crazy picture taking, blog posting mom to do. Oh, of course she takes the pictures, from every angle, and then decides to do a blog post on it.

He positioned them all and was very detailed in the art of how they would stand and what they would be doing. He wanted to see the pictures on the camera to make sure I got it they way he wanted it.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the birthday money. It was fun to go to the lego store and let him choose something. He took his time to look and in the end found just what he was looking for.
Sidenote, Jakob is begging to watch the new Star Wars movies. He has watched the old ones and we have really enjoyed watching those together. I'm pretty sure I'm going to preview the new ones. The third one I know he will not be watching anytime soon, I haven't seen it yet, but from what I have heard it is too dark and scary, but the first two I have to rewatch to decide. Any advice??

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baptism Book

I have a neice and a nephew who have turned 8 in June and have been/will be baptized this year. The book below is one I made for my nephew. I kept is simple and basic. I used lots of white and one basic color. For my niece I followed the same basic pattern, it just had more frills (ribbons, a few more decorative elements.) These were fun to do and I'm hoping it will make it easy for them to record this amazing day in their lives.