Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We've Been Painting....

So, what do you think?? The yellow?? I swear, most peoples reaction, they either like it or they don't. After we painted, I wasn't sure if I even liked it. In my defense, the yellow was the first thing we did and it was hard to visualize what it would look like completed.

Not that it is completed. No, we still have plenty to do. As you can see, the floors still need work and the railing still needs completed. But, I did get my fall wreath up, isn't it pretty?? And I also planted some fall flowers. As I was putting up my fall/halloween decor I realized I didn't get to do this last year. We were working on our kitchen and living out of the basement/garage. I'm so glad that is done.

Lots of painting going on this week. The shop is getting painted tomorrow. All the doors inside our home and the basement trim was painted this last week. We have been without doors for a few days. Interesting....oh, and we should be getting the slate done on our porch this next week. I'm SO
excited for this, it means our porch will be finished, unless you consider the deck portion, which I'm not at the moment.

Anyway, one step at a time.
By the way, the only portion of the house that is painted is the portion that we worked on during the addition. The rest of the house still needs to be completed. Thought you might want to know. Baby steps.

Monday, September 27, 2010


I was going to send some blog links to my mom, she is always looking for good blogs to browse. Well, I thought you may be interested. Here are some new ones that I'm liking right now.

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This one I've listed before, but it is one of my favorites!!!


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My newest kick is fashion blogs. (Like cute things REAL women wear.) So, anyone interested in a list of those blogs??

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Okay, so she started a week after Jakob did, so I'm not as late as you might think. She LOVES preschool, absolutely loves it!! It is so fun to take her to "her" school!!! Her teacher is fabulous, so sweet and loving!!
Can you see that excitement???
I'm loving the skinny jeans! I'm not quite brave enough to sport them, but I think they look pretty cute on this little girl!
There she goes!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2nd Grade!! Here I Come!

Can you believe this guy is a second grader?? I'm so excited for this coming year, for his fun teacher and his wonderful school. He really seems to be enjoying it!! It was an exciting first day! He picked out his outfit on his own with just a few pointers from Mom. All the family went to drop him off at school. We just walked him right in and he only hesitated a bit as we walked into his classroom. The most exciting thing about this year?? He gets to keeps his school supplies at his desk. VERY exciting indeed.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Goodwill Finds

I've been shopping at the Goodwill lately and having lots of fun finding treasures. Here are a couple of things I've found. These shoes (I know, terrible picture) are super cute, casual, and fun. They are a khaki color with orange stitching. I've been wearing them with jeans and a t-shirt. We went camping this last weekend and I was sporting these and even when I felt smelly and gross, I still felt cute with my shoes. They just make a plain outfit fun.

This was a find!! $20!!! This is an antique and is totally stripped and ready to paint. It is actually a mini vanity/jewelry case. It has an old mirror that attaches to the top and shelves inside. All the peices were neatly packaged to go with it. When I decided to get it and was waiting to get it tagged a few people stopped to look at it. EVERYONE was telling me what a great deal it was. Like I said, great find.
I put it in the entryway. I thought about redoing it, it would be so easy to spray paint, but I love the distressed look. I can always paint it a bright blue or a funky purple later, right??

A Little Project

So I have been wanting to make some floral arrangements ever since I saw Becky Higgens show some adorable arrangements on her blog. When I went to Tai Pan this last summer with the Huish girls I decided it was a good time to try.

This first one is in my bedroom. I love the cream/orange combo with a hint of deep purple. This is sitting in my room on my dresser. Got the sign in Utah from this last trip.
This next one I wanted in our main living area. I so wanted to do it in the creamy/orange combo, but I knew that it wouldn't go with all my red!! So, I did a creamy/red combo with a lovely blue dish. I love bringing those touches of blue into my home.

These were really easy to do!! My SIL Erin helped me figure out what/how/where and I just had fun these together!