Monday, February 28, 2011

Scripture Study Plan

I found this great link for planning your scripture study.  I'm trying to get through the Old Testament this year and am excited to find something that will keep me on track. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little Women

I just finished it and LOVED it!!  I have to admit that it took me a bit of time to get into it.  I have watched the movie (the one with Winona Ryder) for years and had a hard time getting over what I thought the book should be.  I was also reading it in little bits, just a couple pages at a time, so I wasn't really enjoying it.  I finally dived in and started reading chapters at a time.  I fell in love.  I loved the lessons I learned on how to raise and work with your children.  Timeless examples of what is most important in life.  That family relationships are better then money.  That your character, your integrity and virtue, and more valuable then what people think of you.  That if you do what is right you will receive your reward. 

The love stories were so much richer in the book then they were in the movie.  I so enjoyed the twist and turns, the simplicity, the surprise.  So much joy and love throughout this story. 

I would highly recommend it!

My next book on my 2011 list will be to finish A Tale of Two Cities.  I'm so tempted to jump right into Little Men but I'm reading this for a book club.  I'm still reading A Thomas Jefferson Education and enjoying that. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Valentine's Note To Grandma

This is a note that Isabelle dictated to me.  It was sent to her Grandma Huish.

"Grandma, this is for you.  I love you really much.  Grandma, can you come to my house, please, pretty please.  Grandma, can you.  I love you really much and make sure your house is clean so I can't slip on anything.   (I have to say that my mom's house is ALWAYS spotless when we come to visit!)   Make sure it can be sparkly and clean.  Happy Valentine's Day!"

Monday, February 21, 2011

Scrapbook Page

I've scrapbooked!!  Can you believe it??  I've actually done a few pages this last month and a half.  This is of Karter's first year, month by month.
 I love using distressed pieces on my pages.  This "K" I bought at an antique store.

I backed the title on some corrugated cardboard.  I love the distressed look, and the crazy, smiley face.  Love this boy!! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Book Page Wreath

I thought I would try my hand at these book page wreaths.  My first attempt (I didn't take a photo)  did NOT turn out.  It was a bit larger than I had planned on.  So, today I ripped it apart and started over again.  This is my second attempt.  Something pleasant to dress up our entryway.  I followed the instructions in this post. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So, a few weeks ago Isabelle and I were at a friend's house.  Isabelle was in the back room playing and I was just getting ready to leave.  Then we heard Isabelle screaming.  We went running to find her on the elliptical with a big chunk of skin taken out of the top of her foot.  It looked like she had got her foot stuck in the machine and pulled back, taking a big piece of skin out. 

We were a bit flustered.  She wanted a bandaid, I'm trying to decide if I should take her to Urgent Care for stitches, my friends are trying to find ice, bandaids, etc. to doctor the wound.  Finally, we get out the door and I just decide to take her straight to Urgent Care.  I get there, make a few phonecalls (Karter was home with my sister), and see the doctor. 

Four stitches on the top of her foot.  It was pretty tramautic getting those stitches in.  Lets just say another nurse was called in to help, lots of screaming and crying, and a very stressed out momma and little girl.  We did end the trauma with a trip to McDonalds for a yogurt parfait. 

The stitches came out 10 days later.  More screaming and crying but Daddy was there this time to help us get through.  Its still healing.  She is going to have a nice backward "J" scar on the top of her foot, a nice battlewound from her childhood. 

This is the first set of stitches for our family.  It was really scary for her, she really doesn't like anything the feels, looks, or sounds like pain.  NOT. ONE. THING.  But a little pain now may teach her what she needs to know to avoid a lot of pain later.  If it was going to happen to anyone it would happen to Isabelle.  She is my energetic girl, that attacks every situation full throttle, nothing held back.  I love this about her, her energy and passion for living.  I just hope in some things she learns to be careful, cautious, and wise.  Hopefully situations like this will help her see the importance of slowing down and being careful.  I'm proud of her for making it through. 


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day

Wishing you all a fabulous Valentine's Day weekend.  We are planning to spend Monday evening with our family, pizza, and a yummy dessert.  Just a simple evening with the ones I love most. 

{Oh} Buttons

My SIL is having a giveaway on her new craft blog.  Go check it out and enter here!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


There are lots of things I would like to blog about, such as...
  • Crafting weekly with family.
  • Isabelle's first stitches.
  • Our 9th Anniversary!!  Can you believe it??
  • Reading, making time for it, loving it.
  • Our plan to homeschool our kids beginning this next schoolyear.
  • Mom, Marie, and Rem's January visits.
  • A few crafty projects.
  • Valentine's Day prep, plans, and decorations.
  • Scrapbooking, playing catch up this year and trying to SUPER simplify the process.
  • What I have been reading with the kids lately.
  • Green Smoothies!!
  • Kicking the kids outside.
  • Incorporating more raw foods/whole foods into our diet.
  • Scrapbooking our everyday.
  • All three kids sharing  a room.
  • Pottytraining! 
  • Scrapbooking my history.
Anyway, lots on my mind, lots that I do that I think, "I
totally should blog about this, but I don't!", lots that I want to share.  More to come here soon.