Monday, May 30, 2011

Little Men

I finished Little Men a few weeks ago.  I loved it!  I actually listened to it on as I was knitting so it was that much more enjoyable.  I found it to be a great book, a wonderful resource, on raising children.  The principles that are emphasized throughout the book could be applied to how we raise our children, specifically our boys today.  It was also a really fun read!  I think that Jakob would really enjoy reading it, lots of mischief, mistakes, and many lessons learned tucked into every page. 

Now I'm currently reading two books from my 2011 list.  I started Jo's Boys and Animal Vegetable Miracle.  I'm enjoying both of these.   I'm still slowing trying to get through Democracy In America, but since I missed the book club meeting where we discussed it I haven't read much.  I will finish it someday, but I'm not pushing too hard.  So many books, so little free time. 

Friday, May 13, 2011


I took a nap today.  Yes, I do that, I take naps.  It was lovely.  Naps are truly an experience.  I have been taking them on Sundays, my mom use to do that.  It was never something I thought I would do, but now here I am doing it.  Have you tried it?  On Sunday we will put Karter for his nap and Steve will watch the kids while I sleep.  I love it!  I cuddle up in my bed, dressed, with the blinds open to let some light in, and read until I'm sleepy.  Its not like going to bed at night, its magical, and I wake up with so much energy.  So worth the time it takes out of my day. 
During the week I usually don't nap but sometimes I do.  I'll put Karter down and set Isabelle up with a movie (this is a treat) or have her play quietly.  I sneak off to bed and try just to sleep for about 20 minutes.  Its just enough to give me energy for the rest of the day but not keep me up later at bedtime. 
Today I crashed for over 2 hours.  Fridays have been my crafty/scrapbook/creative days.  Today I didn't do anything creative, I took a nap, and didn't feel guilty.  Now I'm sharing it with you.  I read this lovely post on naps awhile ago that you might enjoy.  Naps.  Try it, you might like it, you may even love it. 
Photos above were taken with my silly boy.  This last one I have framed in our entry way.  This weekend we are planning to make our garden boxes and I'm finally planning to puts some plants in my hanging baskets and pots.  Gardening is on my mind.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I have been asked to speak in church on obedience.  Any talks, quotes, thoughts, etc. that come to mind that would be good to share??  Usually when I'm asked to speak on a subject I have lots of thoughts and know which direction I want to take.  This time I'm not feeling it.  I know I need to dive in and study, pray, and ponder until I do feel inspired.  But, I thought I would first see if anyone has any inspiration to share, something that comes to mind on obedience.