Monday, May 30, 2011

Little Men

I finished Little Men a few weeks ago.  I loved it!  I actually listened to it on as I was knitting so it was that much more enjoyable.  I found it to be a great book, a wonderful resource, on raising children.  The principles that are emphasized throughout the book could be applied to how we raise our children, specifically our boys today.  It was also a really fun read!  I think that Jakob would really enjoy reading it, lots of mischief, mistakes, and many lessons learned tucked into every page. 

Now I'm currently reading two books from my 2011 list.  I started Jo's Boys and Animal Vegetable Miracle.  I'm enjoying both of these.   I'm still slowing trying to get through Democracy In America, but since I missed the book club meeting where we discussed it I haven't read much.  I will finish it someday, but I'm not pushing too hard.  So many books, so little free time. 

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  1. I need to hurry and finish President Monson's bio and check out Little Men from the library - you've got me motivated. I haven't read it since the 7th grade so it's high time to refresh my memory!