Monday, June 27, 2011

Kindergarden: Growing and Growing

This week we finally were able to get some water out to our garden.  Not a minute too late.  This girl is always on the go, especially with her new best friend.
 I put egg shells around my tomato plants.  I'm not sure if I crushed them enough or if I put them too far out, any advice?
 The beans are coming up!

 This little girl likes to look at everything!  We just have to keep her off the plants when she gets a little too curious.
Marie, Rem, and Keaton are visiting.  We have been enjoying spending time with them.

 So excited to pass the camera off to the kids this next week (with a lots of adult supervision!) and see what photos they take of our garden.  I love seeing what they see. 

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  1. oh, sweet puppy! what adorable cuteness!! i'm sure your daughter is just eating her up. :)