Monday, June 20, 2011

Kindergarden: What A Difference A Week Can Make!

What a difference a week makes!  There are little green plants shooting up all over our garden, the good kind, not the bad!  Everything is up! 
 The photos aren't so great.  I've been playing around with my camera and am still trying to figure it all out.  I have to admit we haven't been out in the garden much this week, lots of time spent celebrating a certain 8 year old's birthday (more to come on that).  The little time we spent in the garden we pulled weeds, drove trucks, ran around, and made some plans. 
 I have some egg shells in the fridge that I'm planning to add to my tomato bed this week.  I also have to figure out how we are going to water.  Steve promises me that he will repair the hose that I'm going to be running across our yard to water our garden, but as of today it is still not repaired.  Luckily we have had enough rain to keep everything looking good.
 Planning to spend more time this week in the garden.  It is so fun to watch it all grow, so rewarding.  I heard from someone, somewhere that less people are choosing to plant gardens because they don't receive that instant gratification that we are used to in our world today.  I was thinking on that.  Most things that are truly valuable take time, work, and patience.  These things yeild the greatest reward.  I love that my kids are able to see that first hand, everyday, out in our garden.
Oh, no deer problems this week.  The fence is up and we haven't seen any signs of deer disturbance.  Here is hoping it will stay that way!


  1. Love how neat and tidy your boxes are...reminds me of why I love raised beds so much! They are exactly the opposite of me, lol!

    Congrats on everything being up, I'm still waiting for beans and corn to pop up but then again when they are up it is just one more battlefield on which to fight slugs...sigh.

    LOVE the pic of the little one and the truck! Between your beds makes great roads...Kim

  2. Oh and Callie, I've tried following your blog but have not been able to so far, I'll keep trying. Kim

  3. Hooray for no deer disturbance!

    I was thinking about the same thing the other day when I was at Lowe's---how a century ago, a farmer's wife would have started her entire garden from seeds---and the payoff from the zinnias wouldn't have been until July or August. Now we go to the local gardening center, and you can literally have an entire garden of color in one day. Just interesting to think about.

  4. So glad the fencing is working! I love watching the garden grow day by day. Often I see something slightly bigger by evening then in the morning. Too bad lots of people are missing out!

  5. So true about the instant gratification. We need to teach our children about patience, perseverance, set-backs, thwarted plans...the garden is just the place for that.

  6. hooray for no deer!

    your garden looks lovely! it's so exciting when everything starts growing. i find myself checking on my seedlings several times a day to see if they're still there (and to see if they've gotten any taller).

    true, true about the patience and perseverance - and you also have to fight for what you want sometimes, particularly when there are deer and bugs and rabbits and groundhogs and slugs and goodness knows what else thrown into the mix. :)

  7. You are so right about the instant gratification thing. Gardening is such a great thing to do and pass on to our many things to learn out there in the dirt!

    Those raised beds are very neat looking! Hurray for stuff popping up!