Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kindergarden: Through Their Eyes

When I handed the camera to Isabelle she began to circle the garden, taking pictures of everything.  I was surprised at how up close and personal she was with all the plants.

Jakob was much more interested in people. 

 He had Isabelle pose, he wanted her to show how strong she  was.  She really got into it!

 Then he took some pictures or the treehouse.

 Then he ran down the driveway to take pictures of the house.
Then finally back to the garden. 


  1. I love how they approached the picture-taking assignment so differently!
    Isabelle looks like one strong woman. ;)

  2. i also enjoyed the 'personality' difference between the two sets of pics - lots of action shots of your strong little girl :)

  3. Ha ha! He had her pose. That is awesome!

  4. :) well done! love the comparison between their two perspectives. the tree house looks super-cool!

  5. Your raised beds look so nice and neat. Reminds me of my weedy garden.....

    And that tree house looks so fun!