Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This And That

This summer has been wonderful!  It began fast and furious, so many lovely things going on, not enough time for a mama to enjoy them all, but I tried.  We celebrated all of our munchkins birthdays in one month, a very special baptism, of a very special boy, lots of loved ones sleeping under our roof, cooking and feeding our loved ones, a lovely trip to the ocean for a few nights, and a fun and adventurous 4-wheeling trip ended our first month of summer. 

This last month we have been enjoying the slow pace days.  Reading and learning, planning for this next year and our adventure with homeschooling, a few dates with my favorite husband, some stolen moments for mama to craft, finding a balance with work, learning, and play.  Enjoying our garden, trips to the library, and park.  Embracing a new calling at church.  Getting to know new friends and neighbors.  So many good things going on here.

I just wanted to share a few photos.

I have been making our green smoothies exclusively with beet greens since July.  I was skeptical at first, but they are so very yummy.  Our beats were beautiful and plentiful, oh my.
 Grammy Huish is so good at loving up my children and it is so fun to watch their relationships grow.  I'm so grateful for a Mom that does so much.  Really, thanks so much Mom.

 The kid table.
 We get that look, a lot.
 One of our friends, swinging.
 He was so sweet to his cousin, most of the time.  Rem was as patient, most of the time.  So many cousins to enjoy. 
 Scouts, he loves it.  Steve has a new assignment as well and will be working with Jakob each week in Scouts. I'm so excited for them.
 Yes, they know how to have fun together.  They also know how to act silly in front of a camera.  I think Melissa and I have trained them well.

 She is so much bigger then this now.  Isn't she sweet.

 This is what Jakob bought with his birthday money from Grammy and Grampy Huish and his Aunt Kandy and Aunt Marsha.  He wanted me to take a photo and post it here.
I hope you are all enjoying you summer and getting some slow, peaceful days to soak in all the summer goodness.