Thursday, September 15, 2011

Homeschooling Week 1

This last week of homeschool has been an adventure!  I love being home with the kids all day, I love having a direct role in what they are learning and how they are developing, I feel much more connected with them. 

Yes, it is a bit overwhelming, knowing that I'm responsible for so much.  It takes a lot of evaluation.  What really is important, what do we really need to me doing.  I'm convinced that ALL in our home must be happy, that we have to try to find a way for this to work for ALL of us, I remind myself often that that includes me. 

So, thought I would share with you a couple books that have inspired us in this journey.  These both focus on a classical education.  The first one by Bauer is a set program with a curriculum to follow, with references to many books to read and gather.  She has done so much of the work for you!   I love that it sets out the curriculum in such an organized fashion.  It makes it clear and concise.  The second, A Thomas Jefferson Education is a philosophy of how to educate your children.  This one really makes you analyze how we learn, how did we learn growing up, how are our kids learning?  Is the way our children are learning today damaging their desire to learn?   

Both are great resources to have if you homeschool or not.  I've had many friends ask me what I'm using, if I'm following a set curriculum.  That is what I'm trying to get away from.  I'm picking and choosing what we are learning.  I'm planning a curriculum post on what we have gathered for our curriculum this year and why, but I thought I would share these two books if any are interested. 

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home
by Susan Wise Bauer

A Thomas Jefferson Education
by Oliver Demille

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