Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Craft #1

With the kids home from school these next couple weeks I have planned a bunch of Christmas Crafts.  I have planned one for each day of the week but I will be flexible to the fact that I may have planned too many.  BUT, I would rather have too much then too few

So, the first craft was a fabric ornament.  Glass ornaments, fabric squares, mod podge, foam brushes, and a huge plastic tablecloth.  We only lost two glass ornaments in the process, we learned that Karter needed to be banned from picking up the glass ornament.  The kids weren't too interested in this one.  Isabelle and Karter lasted about 20 minutes before they left me with their ornaments to finish.  Isabelle came back and worked on it off and on throughout the afternoon.  Jakob didn't want to do it.  (So surprised by that, he loves crafts, but he wanted to play outside.)  I sat and worked and finished all of them.  Its a pretty easy craft, a bit messy, and I do think most kids will like it, though my kids weren't too entertained.

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