Monday, December 10, 2012

The Halls Are Decked!


 Lots of neutrals this year.  This is just my temporary mantel until I receive Beckett's stocking holder in the mail.  I really like how it turned out.  Super simple, just added a few holiday decor to my existing mantel decor.  I LOVE the off centered garland, LOVE!

For my mom.  Not a great photo!! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So Serious

Beckett Steven, you are so serious!!  I keep trying to catch your cute smiles, but it just isn't happening.   Ever time I grab my camera your smiles fade to these serious stares.  You know, I think I love this look just as much as I love your smiles.  My little intensely serious man.

December Daily 2012: Day 4

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

35 In 35

So I just celebrated my 35th birthday this last October and have felt so inspired to set some goals for my 35th year.  I thought I would share and keep you posted on my progress on this here blog of mine.

  1. Hike Saddle Mountain
  2. Make Monthly Goals on Blog
  3. Swim in the Ocean
  4. Sleep Through the Night (At Least Once)
  5. Take Kids to Disneyland
  6. Take an Institute Class
  7. Organize our DVDs
  8. Do an Online Wardrobe Challenge
  9. 35 New Meals
  10. Visit Chiropractor
  11. Go On a Horseback Ride
  12. Get a Massage
  13. Bike to New Seasons
  14. Read A Christmas Carol
  15. Visit Bend, OR
  16. Cut Short Bangs
  17. Buy $100+ Pair of Jeans
  18. Reconnect With Old Friend
  19. Kayak
  20. Decorate Master Bedroom
  21. Finish Reading Old Testament
  22. Take a Yoga Class
  23. Hike Multnomah Falls
  24. Document This List
  25. Get a Facial
  26. Dress Up Fancy and Go On a Date
  27. Visit Dermotologist
  28. Walk To Water Tower
  29. Invite New Friends Over For Dinner
  30. 35 Pinterest Projects
  31. Scrapbook 15 Minutes a Day
  32. Watch Les Miserables (Can't Wait!)
  33. Take a Swimming Class
  34. Host a Favorite Things Party
  35. Go To Book Club

December Daily 2012: Day 3

Monday, December 3, 2012

December Daily 2012: Day 2

We are reading The Hobbit together and I documented this or our second day of December.  I used an Ali Edward's brush on page one and a Martha Stewart tag, some sparkly letters, and some fun kraft paper letters on page two.  On page two I also typed the story of that evening directly onto the photo. 
JOURNALING:  I read The Hobbit to the kids tonight and they just loved it!  It is so fun to
watch them get into the story.  Jakob was so into it that he ended up taking it to bed so he could keep
reading.  Isabelle had to retell what we read to Steve, using quotation marks and comparing staying
on the path in the book to staying on the path in life.  I’m hoping to finish The Hobbit this week so we can read A Christmas Carol this December.  Love, love, love watching them love books.

December Daily 2012 Day 1

First fun!  We went to a church Christmas Party.  I have 9 photos on these pages.  On the first page I added the word Party in sparkly letters, some red polka dot washi tape, an Ali Edward "celebrate" download, and a red tag.  I'm planning to use lots of sparkly letters throughout this album.  On the collage insert I added an Ali Edward circle download.  On the second page, more washi tape, some graph paper from Becky Higgins 2x3 graph cards cut down, and a Heidi Swapp clear snowflake embellishment.
I took way to much time on this page.  Just had a hard time putting it together.  I think I was trying to add too much.  From now on I'm going to make it much simpler, quicker, and easier.  Pictures and words with just a bit of simple fluff!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Daily 2012 Title Page

  Here is my December Daily Album. I actually did this back in December 2008 and loved it! It happened to be the December after I had Karter. I think I get a little crazy after I have babies, just so inspired and wanting to take on the world. I'm trying to keep that at bay this time. Anyhow, so here is my album, or at least the beginning of my album. I actually put it together when I was pregnant with Beckett this last summer. I knew I wanted to do it this December and I was trying to get a jumpstart on getting it going. So glad I did. 
Here is the title page. It is from an Ali Edward's download from Designer Digitals. I used a gold pen to color in the 25 and some gel to make it pop. Just backed it on some cardstock. Love.