Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Karter's Bedtime Pray

Karter's Bedtime Prayer:
"Our be safe.  Our eat food.  Lots and lots and lots, yes, yes, yes.  The end."
In his defense, he knows how to say prayers with the proper beginning and ending, but for some random reason he ended it with "the end."
In my defense, I do feed my children food, and I think that they eat a lot of it.  I guess he was hungry or maybe just excited to eat again the next day....I'm really not quite sure.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Guess what. . .

Guess what this girl lost??
Last month Isabelle said something funny I thought I would share with you.  She has a really hard time sitting in her booster seat on long car trips, her little bony bum can't handle it.  Isabelle said, "Sometimes when I sit on my bum in the car for a long time it feels like I'm doing the splits."  Funny, your mother has never had that problem!  Love you babe!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Spring Table

Over the weekend I found some time (very little time, I was determined to squeeze this project in) to paint this piece of furniture.  This was given to us from a friend in Banks and, if my memory serves me correctly, it was originally pink and green.  I painted it red, by hand, with oil paint.  I believe I primed it.  I remember it being quite a pain to complete.  It has been in various locations in the house.

I have been slowly moving the red out of the upstairs and adding touches of blues and yellows.  I've been wanting to paint a piece of furniture yellow for awhile now, but haven't found a piece that I could commit to.  Finally, I was looking at this vanity that was sitting in our bedroom not really serving a purpose, and decided to just go for it. 

My Saturday flew by and I ended up literally having an hour to paint this.  I just went for it, and guess what??  I actually did it!  It is NOT perfect, but it works for me, and I love it!  Love the inventor of the  2 in 1 spray paint.  Love my husband for lugging it up and down the stairs for me.   Love the bold yellow against all those books!  Love that even though the sun isn't out yet, we can still enjoy something warm and friendly!  Love that I was actually able to paint something and complete a project!

More painting projects in the works.  I actually was also able to paint a chair this same color for another project I'm working on.  I have 8 weeks until I'm going on modified bedrest and I'm hoping to get a bunch done!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Warm, Comfy Sweater

So, I just finished this sweater for my Karter Boy.  It is super thick and super soft.  He was so excited as I was knitting it for him, knowing that I was making something just for him.  I made it a little big, so I'm hoping it will last him through this next winter.  When I finished it Steve said that I could make him one just like it.  I better stalk up on yarn, that will be a big project.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby #4

Yes, you read that right.  Just wanted to let everyone know that Baby #4 is on the way.  My due date is October 30th, so knowing my history of having babies early, I'll probably deliver the beginning of October.  I'm planning to put myself on a modified bedrest starting at week 20 (June) just to keep myself off complete bedrest!  I'm hoping this will work! 
We couldn't be more excited!  I have been so baby hungry these last couple years and can't wait to hold another little one in my arms.  I heard a strong heartbeat yesterday.  Magic, I tell you.  Its funny, it almost doesn't seem real until you hear that heartbeat, and I've done this three times before. 

So, I'm scheduled for my ultrasound the beginning of June and we'll find out if we are welcoming a little man or a little lady into our home.  I'll tell you there is quite a battle of the sexes going on in our home.  Jakob would like a boy but he accepts the fact that it might not happen.  Isabelle and Karter, on the other hand, are pretty adament.  Isabelle insist on a sister and Karter tells us repeatedly that the baby is a boy.  They finally compromised on having twins, a boy and a girl of course.  Since my first check up was normal I dont' forsee twins in our future.  Someone will have a hard lesson to learn but I think Heavenly Father knows best in this department.  I just know that there is a special soul that we get to welcome into our home.  I can't wait to meet them.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter 2012

Hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend!


Hawaii Part II

7 days in Oahu.  We stayed on the North Shore.  We saw Pearl Harbor, the Polynesian Cultural Center, the Hawaiian Temple, the Sunset on Sunset Beach, tried snorkeling (for about a minute), ate at a shrimp shack, bought yummy fruit off the side of the road, slep in, took naps, enjoyed 70-80 degree weather in January, drove around in a convertable (one of the best parts!) and so much more.

3 days in Maui.  Totally relaxed on the beach, stayed in a lovely hotel right on the beach, played hard in the waves, visited a scrapbook store, ate at some other yummy places with views of the ocean, barbecued poolside, and just relaxed!  We opted to relax in Maui since we were going home in a couple days and knew we just needed down time.  So glad we made that choice.  This trip was just awesome, a perfect way to celebrate 10 years!  We want to go back with the family in a couple years (or sooner).  Hawaii, I highly recommend it!