Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby #4

Yes, you read that right.  Just wanted to let everyone know that Baby #4 is on the way.  My due date is October 30th, so knowing my history of having babies early, I'll probably deliver the beginning of October.  I'm planning to put myself on a modified bedrest starting at week 20 (June) just to keep myself off complete bedrest!  I'm hoping this will work! 
We couldn't be more excited!  I have been so baby hungry these last couple years and can't wait to hold another little one in my arms.  I heard a strong heartbeat yesterday.  Magic, I tell you.  Its funny, it almost doesn't seem real until you hear that heartbeat, and I've done this three times before. 

So, I'm scheduled for my ultrasound the beginning of June and we'll find out if we are welcoming a little man or a little lady into our home.  I'll tell you there is quite a battle of the sexes going on in our home.  Jakob would like a boy but he accepts the fact that it might not happen.  Isabelle and Karter, on the other hand, are pretty adament.  Isabelle insist on a sister and Karter tells us repeatedly that the baby is a boy.  They finally compromised on having twins, a boy and a girl of course.  Since my first check up was normal I dont' forsee twins in our future.  Someone will have a hard lesson to learn but I think Heavenly Father knows best in this department.  I just know that there is a special soul that we get to welcome into our home.  I can't wait to meet them.


  1. Callie that is wonderful news!! So happy for your family, I miss holding those little ones too.

  2. Congratulations...this is fantastic! Can't wait till June to hear what's coming to the Moon house!

    Hey - is this a Hawaii baby?!?!?

  3. Congratulations Calle! I am so excited for you and your family! Hope you are feeling okay!

  4. yay for more babies!!! I can't wait to find out what you're having! I'm so so excited for you!!