Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hawaii Part II

7 days in Oahu.  We stayed on the North Shore.  We saw Pearl Harbor, the Polynesian Cultural Center, the Hawaiian Temple, the Sunset on Sunset Beach, tried snorkeling (for about a minute), ate at a shrimp shack, bought yummy fruit off the side of the road, slep in, took naps, enjoyed 70-80 degree weather in January, drove around in a convertable (one of the best parts!) and so much more.

3 days in Maui.  Totally relaxed on the beach, stayed in a lovely hotel right on the beach, played hard in the waves, visited a scrapbook store, ate at some other yummy places with views of the ocean, barbecued poolside, and just relaxed!  We opted to relax in Maui since we were going home in a couple days and knew we just needed down time.  So glad we made that choice.  This trip was just awesome, a perfect way to celebrate 10 years!  We want to go back with the family in a couple years (or sooner).  Hawaii, I highly recommend it!


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