Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Spring Table

Over the weekend I found some time (very little time, I was determined to squeeze this project in) to paint this piece of furniture.  This was given to us from a friend in Banks and, if my memory serves me correctly, it was originally pink and green.  I painted it red, by hand, with oil paint.  I believe I primed it.  I remember it being quite a pain to complete.  It has been in various locations in the house.

I have been slowly moving the red out of the upstairs and adding touches of blues and yellows.  I've been wanting to paint a piece of furniture yellow for awhile now, but haven't found a piece that I could commit to.  Finally, I was looking at this vanity that was sitting in our bedroom not really serving a purpose, and decided to just go for it. 

My Saturday flew by and I ended up literally having an hour to paint this.  I just went for it, and guess what??  I actually did it!  It is NOT perfect, but it works for me, and I love it!  Love the inventor of the  2 in 1 spray paint.  Love my husband for lugging it up and down the stairs for me.   Love the bold yellow against all those books!  Love that even though the sun isn't out yet, we can still enjoy something warm and friendly!  Love that I was actually able to paint something and complete a project!

More painting projects in the works.  I actually was also able to paint a chair this same color for another project I'm working on.  I have 8 weeks until I'm going on modified bedrest and I'm hoping to get a bunch done!

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